Volley Voices 2012: Day Off Fun
Sophomore setter Lexie Pawlik
Sophomore setter Lexie Pawlik

Aug. 17, 2012

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At GamecocksOnline.com, we've focused on the practices and hard work the volleyball student-athletes have put in already to get ready for the fall. Today, in their own words, we learn what they do when they have a little downtime. Specifically, the question was posed, "What's your favorite off-day activity during preseason?" Doubt anyone is surprised with the most popular answers.

Jenna Allen: Sleeping.

Sarah Blomgren: My favorite activity is the contrast baths at the football training room! My body feels amazing after the hot and cold baths!

Paige Wheeler: Sitting on the couch and watching "SpongeBob SquarePants"!

Lindsey Craft: To lie in my bed and watch TV!!!

Lexie Pawlik: I went and saw "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" in the movie theater with Jenna, Sarah, and Bethanie. It was a great movie!

Taylor Bruns: Sleeping!

Elizabeth Johnbull: Watching movies and hanging out with my roomies.

Bethanie Thomas: Lying in bed watching movies!!

Christina Vereb: Sleeping in and watching a good movie!

Christina Glover: My favorite thing to do on my day off is lounging around my house in my pajamas and watching a lot of TV.



Maddie Frome: Breakfast at Cafe Strudel.

Litsa Darby: I like hanging out with teammates and watching movies! I also love sleeping in!

Cara Howley: I enjoy hanging out with my friends and of course sleeping!

Darian Dozier: I like to watch movies with my teammates and SLEEPING!

Juliette Thévenin: If you consider sleeping as an activity, then I would have to say sleeping because that's all I did.