Moving Forward with Volleyball Head Coach Scott Swanson


June 2, 2011 caught back up with first-year head volleyball coach Scott Swanson to get a wrap of the spring and look forward to the new addition to his family in the near future.

It's been a month or so since we visited with you. How did the spring finish up for you and the team?
We got a lot more quality individual work in and focused less on team system training since we had several injuries that kept us from playing in the last two weekends.

The student-athletes have been away for a couple of weeks now. Has that given you a chance to settle in and start planning for the fall?
We have definitely settled in and been focusing primarily on recruiting the 2013 class since we are finished with the 2012 class. We have been getting organized for the upcoming fall season and feel like we are right on track with a lot of the planning that needs to take place before the start of season.

And above we see you settling into a new house. How's the move been for you?
We love our new house and neighborhood. The move was great!

Have at least half of the boxes been thrown away yet?
Both my wife Erin and I are the type of people that have to have everything in its place, so within a few days we had the house exactly like we wanted it. So the boxes have been thrown away for almost a month now!

How are you fitting into the neighborhood and community here?
We feel like we are fitting in very well. We love the people here because everyone is so easygoing and friendly. Our neighborhood is all Gamecock fans, so that is a real plus!

We're within days of the arrival of your baby girl Rylee. How is the excitement level for you?
We are both really excited and can't wait for Rylee to come! I am staying pretty close to home these last few weeks to make sure that I can drive Erin to the hospital.

How about the nervousness you mentioned in our last chat? Is there one thing that makes you most nervous?
I am nervous just because I have never been a dad before, but we will just have to let instincts take over!

Is Erin ready for the big day?
Erin is more than ready. She is calm and fully prepared for the birth. Our baby should be pretty easy going if she is anything like her mom!