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South Carolina Softball Blog No. 8: Kelsey Goodwin
Sophomore pitcher Kelsey Goodwin
Sophomore pitcher Kelsey Goodwin

Oct. 28, 2009

Hey fans!

I am Kelsey Goodwin, and I am a sophomore from Houston, Texas. Our team just finished the fall season undefeated! We completed the fall by defeating Erskine and Chattanooga State. Although the week ended happily with four wins, it started off with a minor setback for me. I have been having some shin problems, but no worries. Our fabulous trainer John Woolf is my healer, and I will be 100% soon.

We can no longer have team practices, so we are starting individuals this week along with conditioning. Individuals are 40-minute one-on-one sessions with the coaches a couple of times a week since they only have a certain amount of time with us the rest of the fall semester. Even though we don't have much time with the coaches, we all like to get work in on our own. I know I will be running into my teammates at the field.

Tonight we had the Monster's Ball; it is a party the athletic department throws for its student-athletes. At the event, there is good food, dancing, and funny costumes. The best part is whoever attends gets a t-shirt. This weekend is Halloween! I am not sure what I am going to be yet or what I am going to do, but we will all probably get together and do something really fun. After all it is Halloween. I am sad we don't have any more games until the spring, but the holidays are coming up soon! I can't wait!

Happy Halloween!




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