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Patience Pays Off for Alexis Lindsey's Passions On and Off the Field
May 15, 2018

By Brad Muller | More Features

Having a good eye means more than knowing the best pitches at which to swing when you’re at the plate. South Carolina redshirt freshman Alexis Lindsey also has an eye for capturing the moment as an aspiring photographer.

“Right now, it’s more of a hobby,” Lindsey said. “I’m a tourism management major, so I love photography. It’s so much fun. I feel like it would be an awesome job. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to do it.

“I think the one of the biggest keys to taking a good picture comes down to lighting. You can look at a sunset, but what could make a better picture is if you focus on something in the background or the foreground, so it’s not just the sunset. Anyone can take a picture of sunset, but you have to make it your own in some way.”

Lindsey became interested in photography as a freshman in high school. Seeing her desire to do more than take selfies with her cell phone camera, her father bought her a more traditional, professional camera.

“I use it all the time," Lindsey said. "I like to take photos of anything pretty. I like taking pictures of scenery and landscapes.”

Lindsey will have plenty of opportunities to do just that this summer as she has an internship at Yellowstone National Park.

“I’m very excited to see what kind of pictures I can take there, and I want to learn more about the photography industry,” Lindsey said. “My internship will actually have me working in a restaurant and seeing how that’s run, but I’ll have plenty of free time to explore the whole park and everything around Wyoming. It’s so pretty there."

I’m an independent person, but I’ll never say no to a friend who wants to tag along.
Alexis Lindsey

While she has never used a camera that uses film, Lindsey said she’d like to give it a try just to learn more. Although none of her photographs have been shown in any galleries yet, she is proud of what she has shot with her Canon and Go Pro and what she has been able to learn about photography so far.

“I want to learn a lot more,” Lindsey said. “I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on photography. I want to learn more about how to take different shots with time lapse photography, too.”

The patience she has learned to get a good shot translates well to her softball career. She did not play in her first season with the Gamecocks last year while rehabilitating a knee injury she suffered in high school.

“I’ve had three knee surgeries, so I missed my whole senior season of high school and last year here,” Lindsey said. “By sitting out, I’ve learned so much and have a totally different perspective on everything. I see a different side of the game. I wouldn’t change anything about it, though, because in the long run, I think I’ve learned so much more than if I had been playing.”

Sometimes Lindsey will take her camera on softball road trips and look for opportunities during the team’s down time.

“I’ll go online and check out our hotel to see how far away we are from certain places like lakes and things like that so I can get some cool photos,” Lindsey said. “I definitely like to go out by myself to take pictures. I’m an independent person, but I’ll never say no to a friend who wants to tag along. Maybe I’ll get a good picture with me in it, for once.”

While gaining an appreciation for photography as an art, Lindsey has learned that anyone can take a picture with their handy cell phone, but not everyone can take a high-quality photo that is magazine or museum-worthy.

“Most of my teammates don’t know how to work my camera,” Lindsey laughed. “I’ll ask them to take a picture of me with it, and it comes out terrible.”




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