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South Carolina Softball Blog No. 1.11: Adele Voigt

April 13, 2010

Senior Adele Voigt here bringing you your weekly SC Softball Blog.

This past weekend, we traveled to face Kentucky for a three-game series. Our game on Sunday was televised by ESPNU. The days preceding the broadcast our team received a special assignment from the network: to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at SC softball. Sophmore Kaitlin Westfall and Lauren Lackey were in charge of the camera. On Friday before we left, the two showcased parts of our campus and what a typical weekday is like. When they got the camera on the bus, however, a different side of Gamecock Softball came out....

One of our team's favorite things to do to lighten the mood or just pass time on the bus is singing hits from the 90's. This is why we decided to have a jam session, flexing our vocal talents and record it all on video for ESPNU. One of our favortie performances is freshman Hannah Milks' rendition of Macy Gray. She does a perfect impersonation, and we thought we should share her talent. I'm not sure they showed it on the broadcast, but we all had a really good time on the way up to Lexington, Ky., making the video.

This week, we play at Upstate on Wednesday followed by a weekend series vs. Mississippi State at home. This weekend is also alumni weekend and senior weekend, so come out and support your Gamecocks!



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