South Carolina Softball Blog No. 1.4: Briana Hamilton

Feb. 10, 2010

Hey Guys

I know you are all probably expecting this to be another entertaining blog, but this time I got some serious things to discuss: like how I cannot believe how I am about to play my first Division 1 game in two days! I cannot begin to explain how anxious, nervous and excited I am all at the same time.

Throughout the fall and these last couple weeks of practice, I think we have improved on and off the field as a team. Our team has become a lot closer, and we have trust in one another. I am not going to sit here and tell you we are perfect and have nothing to work on, because if I told you that I would be lying to you. We still got a lot of things to work on as individuals and as teammates. We will never be perfect, but I know we will peak when the time is right.

I am finally feeling like we are family, and this is why I know I was meant to be a Gamecock!!!! There will be a lot expected from me as a freshman, and that is perfectly okay with me. I am going to find a way to live up to those expectations and produce for my team. The upperclassmen have been showing me the ropes, and I'm excited to get to play with them in our first game. I cannot WAIT!!!!

We host the College of Charleston on Friday, February 12 at the Beckham Field at 5 pm. Please come out and support us!

Go Cocks!

Briana Hamilton #24

Wait, wait, wait!!! I know I said this was not going to be an entertaining blog, BUT... Hannah and I decided to let you all get a sneak peak of just how great our beloved and respected senior shortstop Lindsay Walker is! This is a song we have been singing since the fall, and its formal debut was at our team Christmas party this year. It goes a little something like this:

Title: Walker Style

Music: To the tune of "Spongebob Square Pants"

By Breezy and Hannah

Breezy: Are ya ready Cocks!?
Hannah: Aye Aye Captain!
Breezy: I can't hear yooouu!
Breezy: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ...Who plays shortstop and is better than Bri?
Hannah: Cap-tain Walker!!...Who's short and demanding and stronger than me?
Breezy: Cap-tain Walker!
Breezy and Hannah: Who jumps in the pool and swims like a fish?
Breezy and Hannah: Cap-tain Walker!!
Breezy and Hannah: And when she's on deck her swing is delish!
Breezy and Hannah: Cap-tain Walker!
Breezy and Hannah: Ready!?
Breezy and Hannah: Cap-tain Walker, Cap-tain Walker, Captaaaaaain Walkkerrrrr!!
Breezy and Hannah: (whistles) doo, doo, dOO, doo, doo doOO!! ☺



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