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Softball Squawk Box: Schedule Highlights
One of the few Gamecocks to not answer with California, Audrey Broyles instead chose the trip to Miami as her favorite.

Jan. 27, 2012

With the official announcement of the 2012 South Carolina softball schedule yesterday, it seemed appropriate to find out which games or weekends would be the most exciting to the student-athletes. This one, apparently, was a no-brainer.

Kylie Morin: No questions asked! CALIFORNIA

Kierstyn White: I'm really looking forward to going to Cali because I have never been there!! I've never been west of Texas.

Kaitlin Westfall: I love any and all road trips!! I love playing at home but bus trips and flights are always a blast with Gamecock softball!! I'm ready for the 2012 season!!!

Lauren Lackey: Of course, CALIFORNIA! Not only am I excited to finally be playing on the west coast, thirty minutes from my hometown, but also one of my best friends from home and old high school teammate plays for UCR. So it should be really exciting to be on the field with her again! I can't wait to see how many old friends and family will come support Gamecock softball!

Molly Brossart: California! It will be nice to be back on the west coast for a few days and see my family and friends.

Chelsea Hawkins: Well I am looking forward to Cali just because I've never been! Butttt there's nothing like playing in the SEC, so I'm excited to play at Alabama and Florida!

Samie Garcia: I am most excited about going back home to California and playing in front of all my family and friends!!! I'm also excited to show some of my teammates around LA on our off day!!


Julie Sarratt: I'm looking forward to going to California because I've never been there, and I can't wait to see the west coast.

Sam Arbaugh: I am most looking forward to the series against Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The last time we were there, we didn't perform like we should have. This year, they're going to see a whole new team. They always have a huge crowd which makes for even more exciting games. It's going to be a great series.

Kristen Struett: California! Can't wait to show everyone back home what Gamecock softball is all about! :)

Jackie Slawson: Cali baby!!!

Dana Hathorn: I am very excited for California and having the chance to play west coast teams!

Katelynn Howser: California for spring break!!! Because I get to stay at Lacey's cribbb.

Shelby Gonzales: California most definitely!! I get to get back on the west coast so my parents, grandma, aunt and uncle get to watch me play! Plus, it's California! Who wouldn't be excited!?

Lacey Rother: California!!!!! I get to be reunited with home and friends and family.

Olivia Lawrence: I'm looking forward to all of them!! Why just choose one! Can't wait for the season to start.. Woot wooot! :)

Audrey Broyles: I am most looking forward to heading down to south Florida near my hometown for the FIU tournament. It'll be nice to play in the Sunshine state again and to see some old friends. :) But more importantly, I am looking forward to every single SEC series. LOTS of scores to settle, and we are prepared to do so. :)

Codee Yeske: I'm most looking forward to Cali. I've played all over the country for travel ball but the one place I never made it to was Cali. We're definitely going to have a blast with all of our Cali girls giving us a first class tour of what it's like on the west coast.

Evan Childs: As far as weekend series go, I'm most excited about our big SEC games. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. Home or away.. It doesn't matter. This is why I chose an SEC school. I love big competition. I love playing teams that we aren't "supposed" to beat. We are going to be the dark horses this year, and I'm excited to make all of our expectations a reality. We're going to surprise a lot of people. The sky's the limit.


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