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First Softball Squawk Box Entry for 2012
Freshman pitcher Katelynn Howser

Jan. 11, 2012

The excitement from the start of practice continues on for the Gamecock softball team. In this spring's first opening of the Squawk Box, the student-athletes tell us what is the best part about being back in Columbia. One answer keeps coming to the forefront.

Julie Sarratt: The best part about being back in Columbia is seeing my teammates and working hard in practice for a successful season!

Kierstyn White: Being around all of my sisters and getting back into a routine!

Chelsea Hawkins: Uh being with MY TEAM!! Was that really a question? Excited for practice and seeing what the hard work and the new year brings us!

Kelley Dillon: Being reunited with my Gamecock softball family and continuing to prepare for the upcoming 2012 season.

Sam Arbaugh: Showing off my new engagement ring to all my sisters!

Audrey Broyles: The best part of being back in Columbia is being a month closer to Opening Day!!

Kristen Struett: Best part about being back in Columbia is knowing that season is right around the corner and that we can show everyone our hard work soon :)

Shelby Gonzales: Being reunited with my sisters! I missed them all so much!! Oh and warmer weather for sure, Washington was freezing!

Jackie Slawson: Being with my teammates and back on the field!! It's senior year. Time to do work!!! "Failure is not an option." - King George

Kaitlin Westfall: Well I always love our locker room dance parties, but I love getting back into the swing of things and being surrounded by the BEST teammates!


Lauren Lackey: Well I tried to think beyond the obvious answers of being extremely excited to see my team after so long, along with the fact that we were able to finally show off all the hard work we put in over break. It was tough to pick something more exciting than that, but another great part about coming back to Columbia is that this is my last semester as an undergrad student! I can't believe it's almost over. Time really flies!

Kaela Jackson: Just seeing my Gamecock family was great! We were so excited to see each other, and I was so proud to see how hard we had all worked over the break.

Lacey Rother: The best part about being back is free food with my meal plan. And season is now in session.

Kylie Morin: Just being back with the team and having some warmer weather :)

Evan Childs: The best part about being back in Columbia is seeing all my teammates and everybody being stoked that season is only one month away! Practice gets intense, and everybody is looking to be the best they can possibly be. I love it!

Samie Garcia: The best part about being back in Columbia is finally getting to start the season! I know a lot of us worked really hard during break, and it's just exciting coming out and getting things started!

Dana Hathorn: The best part is being with my team and the start of our 2012 season!!!

Codee Yeske: Well I never really left Columbia since I only live 15 minutes away. However, staying in Columbia while school was out and my teammates were gone was zero fun. To go from being together pretty much every day since August to not seeing them for a month was kind of sad. I never noticed how boring Columbia could be when nobody is here with you. So the best part I guess would just be that everyone is back together now. Our reunion in the locker room was nothing less than I expected. It's just great to know that we're all really excited to get to work for the upcoming season.

Katelynn Howser: Seeing my team and coaches, being able to be on our field again, seeing my roommates and friends, and meeting new people in my classes this semester.

Hannah Milks: My favorite thing about being back is definitely scrounging for silver to pay for the meters, walking in the rain to class, waddling around campus from fun mornings of "Body by Kelly," and seeing the sunrise every other morning...psych. :-p Although those things are part of my lovely home of Columbia, my favorite part about being back is seeing my sisters and watching us grow into the team that we have set out to be. I love my team!!!


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