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Under Armour has developed a shirt called the E39, which combines a 4.5oz electronic monitor with their compression shirt tech. It measures everything from accelerometry, to breathing rate, to skin surface temperature to heart rate. Inside the tiny device, which was designed by Zephyr tech, is an SD card which stores the computerís recorded data along with a wireless Bluetooth module which instantly transmits data to a connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

So what does this mean to athletes? Coaches and those alike can now monitor their performance with real time data and provide them with the instantaneous feedback to adjust their game, quite literally. A triaxial accelerometer measures acceleration and change of direction, which helps determine what part of an athleteís stride is out of sync and thus enabling them to modify their movements on the fly and improve their running speed or agility.

Recharge Suit

The Under Armour Recharge is a compression garment designed to be worn after a workout. Athletes are instructed to change into the suit within two hours after a workout, and to continue wearing the garment for a full twenty-four hours. The Recharge compression system prevents water from rushing into the muscles, which can lead to post-workout swelling. Another benefit of the Recharge is "dynamic casting" that supports muscles and therefore facilitates healing. UA also notes that other compression garments focus on increasing blood flow, which they believe is not something most athletes struggle with after a workout.

Mouth Piece

Bite Tech, Inc., a Minneapolis-based technology company dedicated to improving performance and health, has partnered with Under Armour to release its latest product innovation: Performance Mouthwear. Powered by ArmourBite, Bite Techís patented technology, Under Armour Performance mouth wear is an innovative new line of custom mouthpieces and mouth guards designed to improve athletic performance. UA Performance Mouth wear can help any athlete improve strength, endurance and reaction time, reduce athletic stress, and with the mouth guard, reduce impact from blows to the jaw.


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