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Weekly Football Press Conference Videos & Quotes

Nov. 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

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Sidney Rhodes and Sharrod Golightly
Gerald Dixon Jr. and Ronald Patrick

Senior offensive guard Ronald Patrick

On his senior year ending and having a sense of urgency...

It's already kicked in, I mean, we only have three regular season games left, so I am just going out, practicing hard, knowing it's about to come to a close. The urgency is definitely there.

On if they are worrying about other games...

We can't win it this week, but we can lose it this week. So, we just need to focus on ourselves and go out there and prepare.

On playing in front of a home crowd...

It's definitely a plus; we love playing at Williams-Brice. Night game, fans are going to be into it, back home. Playing at Williams-Brice is such a great thing. It's hard (for opponents) to win at Williams-Brice Stadium, we are out there playing at night, fans are in it and they just get us energized and ready to play. 

Sophomore defensive tackle Gerald Dixon, Jr.

On his progress...

About the third or fourth game of the season I started making a lot of plays; I started getting used to Coach Adams, what he wanted to do... It was just a gradual progression through practicing and doing what he wanted us to do... He wants you to get off the ball real fast, he wants us to play in the backfield.

Junior spur Sharrod Golightly

On the home field advantage...

I feel really confident, I think this is a big game, like the rest of them were. We are just trying to come home and keep building our momentum.

On playing well against Mississippi State...

I think throughout the season, I just got better everyday, every game we had. I think this game is another stepping-stone. I feel like it's a big game, I feel like just playing well is big on our radar as a team. So we do it as a team, we will do it individually, too.

On last year's Florida game...

I think it was understood, nothing has to be said. We all know what happened last year, but we know what can happen this year and what goals we have still in place and we are just trying to stay focused.


Junior cornerback Sidney Rhodes

On overlooking Florida...

No, Coach Spurrier always says, you know, the next game is the biggest game and so he's got us in the right mindset to know we are not going to overlook anybody, we are going to go out there and play the best that we can play. And so, overlooking anybody is not going to be a problem for us.

On his journey to South Carolina...

Yeah, I always remind myself of how blessed I am. It has been a long road. I went back home this Friday for the bye-week and I got to go into the locker room with my (former) coaches and what (my high school head coach) said to a lot of the young players - if you want to do it - you can do it, just got to set your mind to it. I know I have been blessed on this journey to finally get here, going out there when 2001 is playing and always being a fan since I was little, it's just something great.


Head Coach Steve Spurrier

Opening Remarks

Before we get started, during the open day, we actually voted for captains and the team vote and this year's captains on defense: Chaz Sutton and Kelcy Quarles; offense: A.J. Cann and Connor Shaw. Victor Hampton, Sharrod Golightly, Bruce Ellington and Ronald Patrick, they all received a whole bunch of votes also, so we sort of named those guys co-captains. We've got eight guys that have really done a good job providing leadership throughout the course of the season and hopefully will continue the remainder of the season. We're very healthy for this time of year, we've played nine games now, 7-2. Three more at home. I think Cody Waldrop is the only starter that has been out (an extended amount of time) and there's a chance that he might even be available this game. Injury-wise and health-wise for our team we're probably as healthy as about any team in the country.  We've been very fortunate there. We're preparing for a Florida team, I was just thinking, at this time last year, Florida had lost one game, they were 11-1 after they beat FSU. And they were number three in the nation in that BCS poll and if Notre Dame had lost to Southern Cal, they would have been playing Alabama for the national championship. I think, Coach Will Muschamp was SEC Coach of the Year, and then, of course, they lost the Sugar Bowl to Louisville, and they've had injuries this year and have struggled a bit. But they're still number one in the conference for defense, their total defense and pass defense.  Their defense has played pretty well, their offense has struggled a bit, and that's why they are 4-5.  They are a very good team; they clobbered us last year, we fumbled all over the place and got beat about probably as badly as we have the last three years around here. They're a big strong bunch of guys that can play defense and they are very capable on offense if they don't turn it over, which is what got to them last week. I think a lot has been made that Vanderbilt beat them. Vanderbilt did beat Georgia this year. It is not a disgrace to lose to Vanderbilt. They're a pretty good team, they're a pretty good team that plays smart and usually doesn't beat themselves. They won a bunch of games the last couple years.  So, we know it's going to be a tough game, difficult game Saturday at seven o'clock and we need our fans screaming and yelling, helping our team be as supported as we possibly can and hopefully, we can play one of our best games of the year. We all realize our home win streak is on the line and I think we've got the best in the nation right now, home win streak, and we hope to keep that alive to win our eighth game of the year. We've got a lot of goals that are out there, other than the Eastern Division. We know we are still alive but we can't control so much of that, we don't need to worry about anything other than playing our best against Florida, here, Saturday night. (It) should be a heck of a game and looking forward to a big crowd and hopefully, our team can play one of our best games of the year.

On playing Florida with a losing record...

We don't really look at their record too much; we look at their team, their players, what kind of scheme they have and so forth. We know they are very capable coming in here and beating us, we've struggle at home against most all the teams we've played as we all know. That's the only thing we need to worry about is how we play and how we prepare this week to play Florida.

On the Auburn and Georgia game...

No interest at all in that game. We have no control over it, we're just going to talk about playing our best this week and whatever happens this week within the division happens. But we are going to try and play our best against the Florida Gators when they come in.

On the home field advantage...

Our schedule has favored us pretty well.  We have played better here at home and I was looking at the scores and I think the closest one we had was a 38-35 game with Tennessee last year. Most of the other ones, I think we won by a couple touchdowns or so. The Florida game was 17-12 two years ago and I think that was the next closest. So, our team has played well, we got some good breaks, some very good breaks and hopefully that will continue the next three games.

On Connor Shaw not wearing the knee brace...

Yeah, I think he had it off last night. I think he is going to be able to play without a knee brace.

On the defense...

I think our defense has improved. We are fourth in the conference.  We have played better lately and the young linebackers have sort of come around. The secondary played well last week.  We've had some problems sort of stopping some people in the fourth quarter. But we've done that pretty well I think in the past two games. So we think we've improved.

On Florida being good at defense...

They're sort of a big, strong bunch. (It is) hard to run on them; hard to throw on them. They keep their schemes pretty simple to where their players don't make mistakes and they play a little bit more man-to-man than the teams we've seen. I don't know if they will do that against us. But they are an excellent cover team and just you know, pretty good athletes, well coached. Teams don't make a whole lot of yards on them.

On Jadeveon Clowney...

Jadeveon was running last night. He and Victor Hampton and Mike Davis, all missed most of the practice during the open date, so did a few of the other guys, just making sure sprains and other sore muscles or injuries would heal up.  (Jadeveon) didn't do much last week, but neither did Mike Davis and a few other players.

On Connor Shaw's knee...

Connor didn't run for any like he usually does, but maybe he can run like his old self this game, we don't know yet, until we go play. But certainly, that has been a positive factor in making a lot of third downs since he would take off and run for them, but we didn't do that last game.

On Ronald Patrick...

He's had a good year. He, you know, had that sprained ankle at the Arkansas game, right at the end of it and missed the next game (at Tennessee). But he's been steady in there. He's had a good year. They've all played, I'd say, pretty evenly across the board.




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