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South Carolina vs. Georgia Post-Game Quotes

Sep 7, 2013

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Head Coach Steve Spurrier

Opening Statement
It was pretty obvious that Georgia was the stronger of the two teams out there today. They kicked our tails up and down the field, we couldn't stop them and they made a bunch of third down conversions.

On the game
We haven't had a turnover on defense in two games. We are struggling a little bit on defense, but offensively, Mike Davis had about as good of a game as any running back I have ever seen. He played his heart out, as did Connor Shaw, who also had an excellent game. We didn't score every possession, and we got beat. Sometimes you have to score every possession, but we weren't good enough to do that today.

On Georgia's ability to run the ball
It was a good tail kicking and I have to give Georgia credit. They ran it right down their throat. Vince Dooley probably has a smile on his face with the way that they played tonight. We will turn around and regroup and try not to do a lot of talking so that we can develop into a pretty good team as we go throughout the rest of the season. I thought we could slow them down, and when we did, we gave up a big play. It was a tough day for all of us today. Maybe we should have thrown the ball a little bit more to Nick Jones, but we didn't have the ball too much. We just couldn't get them off the field, it was as simple as that. Those three-and-out days, I hope that they come back around to us again. We have to be a little more creative on defense, but we will see what we can do.

On Connor Shaw's fumble
The game was tied then. Who knows what would have happened if he had held on to the ball. Maybe we could have scored. Who knows? He did fumble though.

DE Jadeveon Clowney

On Aaron Murray
Aaron played a pretty good game today. He threw it quick and ran it away from me the whole game. Their game plan worked out for them today.

On what he has to do if teams try and take him out of the game plan
That's up to the coaches. They want to move me around, that's up to them. But I am just going to keep playing my assignment. I set the edge most of the night. I set the edge. The ball went away from me on the backside, chasing, so you know, that's just how the game went tonight.

On whether or not he was surprised the defense didn't play better
I was surprised. We worked hard all week. Game planning we knew we had to stop the run coming into the game and we just didn't do it. We didn't come in and execute like we were supposed to.

QB Connor Shaw

On the loss This one stinks a little bit. It's frustrating. I thought our offense did a good job of bouncing back from their big plays. We had a turnover, they didn't have any turnovers. It's frustrating but the past two years we've beat them and they've gone on to play in Atlanta, so that's the mindset we have to have going forward.

On if he thinks his team can rebound like Georgia has done the past two years
That's the mindset we have to have. They've rebounded the past two years and made their way to Atlanta. This year, we'll see what happens, but we just have to bounce back after this one.

On his fumble in the third quarter
I thought I was down, thought my knew was down, but there's no excuse for that. I tried to make a guy miss and they punched it out from behind. That's going to stick with me for a little bit, but somehow we have to get over this loss and bounce back next week.


Head Coach Mark Richt

On the win
The team that loses this game is waiting for the other's bus to break down. We've been chasing them last thee years. South Carolina has a very good team, and this year, we get a chance to sit in the driver's seat. ... We haven't been 1-0 in the league in awhile because South Carolina's been getting us. Today, we got them, and I'm so thankful.

On the fans
It's so difficult for an opponent when the crowd gets it cranked up like ours did tonight. And we gave our crowd something to cheer about. Even when some things went against us, we never gave up as a fan base, and I thank everybody for that.

On the onside kick
Coach (Kirk) Olivadotti saw that and brought it to me last Sunday. He really coached it up this week. It's one thing to have the scheme but another to execute it. Collin (Barber) hit it with pace, we had some blockers and it worked out. We stole a possession and got points out of it. Against a team that's hot, that's important.

On Todd Gurley
He's a big, physical man. He is a special player. There are not many things he can't do.

On quarterback Aaron Murray
Murray created some big plays by scrambling, moving around and standing in the pocket like a champion.

On the return to defense of players like safety Josh Harvey-Clemons
Our defense needed some veterans back there, and it was huge to have them. We needed guys in there who knew what they were doing. When you've got guys who have been around the program two or three years, it makes a big difference.

On kicker Patrick Beless
Beless made every kick we asked him to make, and I'm proud of him for that.

On the open date
I like it in that we won and we have a chance to get prepared for the next game and get everyone fresh. It really comes at a good time.

LB Amarlo Herrera

On today's game
This was a huge SEC game, and we just wanted to stay undefeated in our league. It's a big win for us.

On the play of the defense
We definitely could have played better but a win is a win. At the end of the game, we just kept working hard. We put in a lot of work this week and it paid off. I'm proud of the defense.

QB Aaron Murray

On how it feels to beat South Carolina
It's great. It feels great to be ahead in the SEC East. That's a huge thing. It's been tough for three years to be hoping that [South Carolina] loses so that we can get to Atlanta, so its a great feeling to be 1-0 in the [SEC East] right now. We know it's a long season though and we just have to keep working.

On the fast-paced tempo
That's always our goal. We want to take control of the game and be balanced and we did that all night. We were having a lot of success running and a lot of success passing. It was a great night for the offense.

WR Justin Scott-Wesley

On the depth of the offense
We've got a lot of playmakers. I feel like it's hard for the coaches to put guys in positions to make plays because we're so deep and diverse. At any point in time, any one of us can make a big play. I really think that it helps us keep the defense off balance.

DE Garrison Smith

On the defense
We've got a lot of heart and we have that tenacity [that good teams have]. We're not going to give up. I'm proud and happy of all the guys that were flying to the ball the entire game, especially at the goal line. We know it takes one person to get a leg, one person to get an arm, next thing you know everyone is in on it. This is a great game that I'll always remember.



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