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2008 Parking Information

Fairgrounds Parking Map in PDF Format

Pre- and Post-Game Traffic Flow Maps in PDF Format

Shuttle Service Information

Important LSU Game Information

Should you have general questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Jim Petrus in the Athletic Department at 803-777-9302 or Mr. Daniel Jimenez with the Gamecock Club at 803-777-3374.

General Parking Info
A Gameday parking office is located inside the ticket office beneath the ramp in the northwest corner of the stadium. The office opens at 8 AM or five hours prior to kickoff depending on game time. This is for last minute parking problems only. No new parking passes will be sold at this time. For GPS purposes the address of Williams-Brice Stadium is 1125 George Rogers Boulevard.

Handicapped Parking
The University of South Carolina only sells season passes for handicapped parking.

Handicapped individuals who are members of the Gamecock Club should send in a copy of a state-distributed handicap parking tag to acquire a paid reserved parking space in the handicapped area of the fairgrounds.

Handicapped individuals who are not members of the Gamecock Club should present their state-distributed parking tag and purchase a spot in the handicapped area of the Fairgrounds via the University of South Carolina Ticket Office as long as space is available. In the event that the designated area fills up, they should drop off handicapped persons at the stadium and seek parking elsewhere.

To access the shuttle service to the stadium, guests should wait by Pole 13 in the lot. We ask that seats on the shuttle be reserved for those who are handicapped and that those who are able to walk to the stadium assist their handicapped companions. The shuttles will transport guests to the north corners of Williams-Brice Stadium. Service begins two and one-half hours before kickoff and will continue until the game begins. Return transportation will also be available after the game, beginning with five minutes left in the event and until there is no one waiting at the shuttle stations. Please be advised that both pedestrians and vehicular traffic are extremely heavy following the game; therefore, the wait time for shuttles may be extensive.

There are a limited number of spaces available to handicapped Gamecock Club members in each lot.

Visitor Parking
Please review the pre-game and post-game traffic flow maps to help you plan your visit to Williams-Brice Stadium. All parking in the South Carolina State Fairgrounds is reserved parking for the football season. No individual parking is available. Visitors are also encouraged to park in the Capitol City Parking Lot. This lot is located less than a half-mile from the stadium on the west side of Assembly Street and costs $10 per car.

RV Parking
For individuals interested in RV parking there are a couple of options available. RV parking is available in the Fairgrounds (803.799.3387) on the east side of Assembly Street. Also, RV parking is available at Capitol City Stadium/Blowfish Park which is located less than a half-mile from the stadium to the west side of Assembly Street. Parking in this lot costs $10 per space needed to fully accommodate the vehicle. RV hook-ups are not available in this lot.

Capital City Stadium Parking Lot
This parking lot is provided for overflow Gamecock Club members and visitor parking. This is the least expensive and least crowded lot and is located less than a half-mile from the stadium on the west side of Assembly Street. The cost to park in this lot is $10 per car or $10 per space needed to fully accommodate RVs.

Farmer's Market Parking - Individual Gameday Sales
The South Carolina State Farmer's Market sells individual parking spaces on game days on a first come-first serve basis. This parking area is located just southwest of Williams-Brice Stadium. To locate this parking lot travel South on Bluff Road, turn right onto National Guard Road, go 0.2 miles, and turn right. This could be a source of parking for handicapped individuals on a game-by-game basis.

Band Performances
Live music is not allowed at tailgating sites.

Beverage Policy (Alcohol)
The possession or consumption of alcohol in Williams-Brice Stadium is expressly prohibited by University policy. In an effort to encourage an enjoyable experience for all fans, persons who are obviously intoxicated will be denied entry into the stadium regardless of ticket possession.

Buses will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis in the South Carolina State Fairgrounds. Drivers should use the entrances located at Gate 6 on Assembly Street or Gate 11 on Bluff Road. The cost to park a bus is $60.

Caterers should have proper parking permits to be admitted to private tailgate areas. Permits will not be available from Gamecock Club offices and should be secured with the client.

Charcoal must be disposed of properly to prevent fires. Please do not place charcoal or other flammables in trash cans or under trees or leave it in the parking areas.

All parking lot gates will open five hours prior to kickoff or 8 a.m., whichever is later. Vehicles should be removed no later than two hours after the conclusion of the game or risk being locked in until the following business day.

Golf Carts, Mopeds, Scooters
For the safety of all concerned, the use of these motorized vehicles (other than those authorized by USC) will not be allowed by fans in the vicinity of the stadium on the day of games. As a reminder, S.C. highway laws do not allow the use of motorized vehicles on roadways outside of a two mile radius from the registered address of the registered operator.

Neither the University of South Carolina nor the Gamecock Club will be liable for loss or damage to vehicles or contents.

Lost and Found
Items found in the parking lots will be turned over to Stadium Lost and Found, located in Williams-Brice Stadium. Call 803-777-8506 to ask if your item has been turned in.

Due to space constraints, limousines are not allowed in Gamecock Club-controlled parking areas. Drivers should drop off any guests at Williams-Brice Stadium and seek parking in public lots made available by area businesses.

Media Parking
Media parking is located in the South Carolina State Fairgrounds inside Gate 11 on Bluff Road. Members of the media should request parking credentials for this area from the University of South Carolina Media Relations Office. For more information, please contact them at 803-777-5204.

Political Materials
Distribution of political stickers, brochures, and other promotional items is strictly forbidden on properties owned or being leased by the University. Violations will result in the surrender and disposal of said items by University officials.

Stadium restrooms located on the north & south ends of the stadium as well as porta-jons on the East side of the stadium will be made available for use once parking lots open (five hours prior to kickoff). Once gates open (2 ½ hours prior to kickoff) only the East side porta-jons will remain available for use and will close at kickoff.

The University of South Carolina makes every attempt to ensure that all fans are able to enjoy the festivities surrounding the game. In the unfortunate event that threatening or illegal behavior is observed, guests may contact lot attendants or uniformed security located throughout the parking areas. Richland County Sheriff's Department deputies are stationed in the stands in the Fairgrounds and are mobile as well. Members of various law enforcement agencies are also in attendance. Please do not hesitate to report suspicious activities or unruly fans.

Please tailgate in front or back of your vehicle. Tailgating is not allowed in parking spaces unoccupied by a vehicle. Drive areas must be cleared enough to allow access for emergency vehicles.

Tents should be no larger than 10' x 10' and be contained within the individual parking space. Tents should be dismantled prior to guests leaving for the game. Unattended tents are subject to removal by University officials at their discretion. Drive areas must be cleared enough to allow access for emergency vehicles.

Towing of all vehicles impeding the flow of traffic or obstructing the right of a member to park in assigned parking is imminent. Once a tow truck has arrived at the vehicle in violation, negotiations will be strictly between the towing company and the vehicle owner. Any vehicles that may have been towed may be recovered at City Garage located on Huger Street, 803-765-9780.

The University conveniently places receptacles for the disposal of trash and other items throughout the parking areas. Please help us keep the area enjoyable by disposing of all bagged trash into these containers.

Utility Trailers
Due to space restrictions, utility trailers are no longer allowed in any of the lots regardless of the number of passes in the vehicle driver's possession.

Soliciting or vending of any goods or services is strictly prohibited in the lots owned or leased by the Gamecock Club on game day.

Traffic Tips

  • Get to the game early.
  • Police advise fans to use I-77, accessible from I-26 and I-20.
  • If you have reserved parking, get in the two right lanes of Assembly Street as you approach the fairgrounds.
  • If you are picking up someone from the game, you must arrive before the game is completed.
  • Postgame stadium traffic will have priority. All lanes of Assembly Street will be used for traffic from the stadium. The two left lanes on Assembly Street will turn left onto Blossom Street.
  • Traffic leaving Stadium Road will be routed south on Bluff Road. The left two lanes may take I-77 north; the right two lanes take I-77 south.
  • View the pre- and post-game traffic flow maps included at the top of this page.





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