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Men's Basketball

South Carolina-The Citadel Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 17, 2007

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South Carolina vs. Southern California

November 17, 2007

Coach and Player Quotes


South Carolina head coach Dave  Odom

"Southern Cal, made really key adjustments, even before the game began.  They changed their lineup.  They went small trying to match our speed."


"We should have been able to play better than we did against [Southern Cal's smaller lineup].  I thought the game began too fast and it was going to be hard for us to keep that kind of pace up."


"A big contributor to our demise over the course of the 40 minutes was we took some ill-advised shots.  Some of them led to run outs on the other end.  They laid the ball up without the defense having the chance to guard them.  I thought that was the story of the first half."


"[In the second half], we fell right back into the trap of taking ill-advised shots."


"When you look at the number of free throws they shot, and more than that the number of free throws that they made, on our home court, it is hard to overcome that kind of thing."


"We've got a lot of work to do.  I'm not discouraged after only one loss, but it is disappointing.  I was hoping we would be able to compete in certain areas better than we did.  It seemed like we were right there to make some inside baskets, and we missed a number of them."


"We had a great turnout tonight.  I can't say enough about our fans."


Southern Cal head coach Tim Floyd

"I'm really proud of our basketball team. We are a bunch of young guys and it's been a process to get to this point, we really shared the ball."   


"We didn't dictate tempo offensively; I thought we did defensively. We sent four guards back on defense because they are such a great offense transition team."


"We had four ball handlers on the court. We changed the way we were because of who they were.  They are just such a great pressure team and they force a lot of turnovers. We just felt like it was a pass and catch game."



South Carolina Player Quotes


Dominique Archie

"The team that played harder won.  There were individuals that played well, but we need to come back and get better as a team."


"We need to play with more pride and heart.  Some of us acted like we were scared to play with them.  We need to step it up."


"I think I played well.  There are some things that I can do to play better to improve for the tournament this week."


Brandis Raley-Ross

"They got a lot of breaks.  We missed a lot of assignments on defense.  They were on top of their game; we were not."


"We need to focus more.  When they were up ten, we weren't used to being down, so we need to learn to handle adversity and come back."


"The fans were great.  They were our sixth man.  They kept us in the game."


Zam  Fredrick

"We played hard out there today.  We should have executed on offense better, but obviously they played a little better than us and got the win."


"Our shot selection wasn't the best.  I expect us to bounce back for the tournament."


Devan Downey

"This was a case of our first big test.  I told the team [Southern Cal] is a good team, an NCAA Tournament team.  If a few plays here and there went a little different, we had a chance to win."


"We need to take more pride in our defense, and gain that toughness to make the stops we need.  I take personal responsibility on the offensive side of things."


"Everything that hurt us tonight was a team effort, and we know what we have to do in practice to gain the toughness we need."


"They did a great job and we were not working to get open, which forced us to take some shots we probably should not have taken."




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