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South Carolina vs. Arkansas Quotes (Game 2)

March 23, 2013

Joey Pankake

On Stanke...

Yeah he is a good pitcher. The velocity sneaks up on you. We knew what we were going to get when we found out he was starting. We have to do a better job for our pitchers.

On the runs scored...
Those are tough plays. This is baseball, people make mistakes. Belcher is pitching he's getting ground balls we have got to play better behind him.

Nolan Belcher
On his mindset going into the game...
Whoever is pitching against me has no effect on what I am trying to do out there. Obviously I knew he was pitching and he is a great pitcher, y'all saw why he pretty much dominated us the whole game. He has real electric stuff and he did a great job. I don't think about who is pitching against me it has no effect on what I am trying to do

On his game today...
I'm one of those pitchers that I'm going to give up some hits; just being around the plate like that I'm going to give up some hits. I feel like I threw pretty well. I threw that change up a lot and that seemed to be pretty effective. They made some things happen there late in the game and you've go to tip your cap to them.

Head Coach Chad Holbrook
Opening statement...
I thought Stanke and Belcher were terrific. Obviously we had no answer for Stanke he came into this outing, over the course of his early season having struggled throwing strikes, he didn't have that problem today. When he is in the strikes zone with his stuff he is tough, that hurt us a little bit there. Belcher was equally as good in my book. I can't say enough for what Belcher has done for our team for this point. We have got to play better defense behind him. With that being said I told our team after the game that we had three hits, if we play better defense we win 2-1. That's what I believe. This program is about pitching and defense. We didn't play behind Nolan today. Then he had the unfortunate slip, there on the bunt with two outs that got them the go-ahead run. Nolan and Stanke were terrific. It was a disappointing day for us and we will see what we are made of tomorrow. We will see if we can bounce back.

On the game...
We didn't have many quality at bats, we had some deep counts but his stuff was better than our hitters. He was better than our hitters. The kid is a top ten pick for a reason, he has a great arm. We couldn't put anything together on him. You've got to tip your hat to him, he is going to be millionaire in a few short months. He was just better than our hitters today.

On loosing the series...
Well it is frustrating to loose especially at home. Arkansas is a good team. We know that. They are a great team. Stanke was just tough today he didn't really give us a chance. We kind of manufactured something there and pushed two runs across. They helped us there too. It is frustrating to loose a game at home in this league. It is an unforgiving league; no one is going to feel sorry for us. We have got to pick us up off the mat and show a little backbone and see if we have got to respond tomorrow. If we don't respond the way I would like we will go back to the drawing board. That wont work I don't like getting pushed around in our own stadium and that is kind of what happened the last two days.




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