South Carolina vs. Florida Post-Game Quotes

April 11, 2014

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Junior Catcher Grayson Greiner

On his approach against Florida’s pitcher Logan Shore…
He was very impressive. He kind of shut us down in the first four or five innings. He’s a freshman and he has a very good arm and good all-speed stuff.

On changing his approach when he’s down 1-2 in the count…
It didn’t really cross my mind [the possibility of being walked]. He [Logan Shore] has a great arm and I’m sure they have all the confidence in the world in him to get me out. I didn’t ever think about them putting me on. I thought they might try to get me to chase their pitch, but I was able to get just enough of it to get that hit there.

On hitting .583 with runners in scoring position…
I wish I could hit .583 without runners in scoring position, but it’s something that just clicks inside me when I see those guys out there. One of my biggest pet peeves is having runners out there and not getting them in, because you can always fight in the box and make something happen and put pressure on the defense. Anytime I see ducks on the pond I try and get those guys in anyway I can. This year I have been fortunate enough to get some of those balls to be hits and get some RBI’s and help the team win.

On Jordan Montgomery….
The way he’s throwing right now is the Jordan Montgomery we’ve always known. He had a couple of outings there where he wasn’t himself but we know he’s our Friday night guy, our ace. He’s found his changeup again and that has always been his go-to pitch. He is locating his fastball and he threw a good bit of strikes tonight. We got exactly what we needed from him tonight to get a win against one of the best SEC teams.

Junior Pitcher Joel Seddon

On how he and Cody [Mincey] performed in the top of the eighth…
We were both not our best out there tonight, but [as a pitcher] you’re going to have that happen every once in awhile when you go out there and you’re not really finding it or maybe trying to do a little to much. I know that’s what I was doing. I felt good in the pen and I’m sure Cody [Mincey] did also, but once you’re in the game you might get amped up a bit too much and you just have to slow the game down and that’s what I tried to do. I was able to do that in the ninth inning for the first two hitters and then it got away from me again and I had to bear down a little more.

On his mindset…
I didn’t try and change my mindset at all. I was still trying to go out there and throw strikes and that’s my mindset every time I’m out there. I’m glad they stuck with me and had faith in me going in there and going back out in the ninth.

Junior Pitcher Jordan Montgomery

On his performance…
I felt good. Early on, I was leading the ball up a little bit; so, later on I focused on extending the ball and throwing it up a little.

On his strikeouts…
They were taking [pitches] early. I was trying to mix it up throwing off-speed first pitch when I knew they weren’t going to swing and then throw a change-up away to get them to have a lackadaisical swing away.






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