South Carolina v. Tennessee Post Game Quotes (3/29/14)

March 29, 2014

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Chad Holbrook
Opening Statement
Obviously it was a special day for us. I can’t sit here and tell you I’ve ever seen anything like that. I coach some guys who believe in themselves. (They) keep plugging, keep playing, keep working and they try to put themselves into position to be able to win games like that. I told them after the game, games like that and occurrences like that don’t happen if you don’t believe. I’ve been in dugouts where teams don’t believe. That happened today because we have a group of players who believe. Incredible performance by (Jack) Wynkoop in game one. Coach Meyers made a great decision to start him in that game. There was a lot on the line there. Because the game was suspended even though it was in the 12th inning, he got to go through his normal routine so he felt comfortable putting him out there in that spot and on top of that, they had two lefties coming up. They put a lot of pressure on you on the bases. Jack does a great job of holding you on. There’s so many things I can sit here and talk about what occurred in these two games today. I’m lucky to be in the same dugout as Grayson Greiner, [Joey] Pankake and [Kyle Martin] and all of those guys. They just keep battling. I’m proud of Jordan Gore too. Who would have thought a 145-pound bean pole would hit a walk-off home run. I think that’s the first ball I’ve seen him out of here in three weeks, and that includes about 50 swings a day in batting practice.  I feel for Dave [Serrano]. He’s one of the best coaches in college baseball and he’s done an incredible job at Tennessee. You learn a lot when you play his teams. He’s a terrific coach. I’ve been in a dugout and lost a couple of games like that. I do feel for him and his kids. But they have a good team and they’re much improved and they’ll have a good year. All in all, it’s just a great day for the Gamecocks.



On needing to do more offensively, especially in game one
We waited until the last frame, I’ll be honest I’ve been very disappointed in our hitters over the last several games. But when you’re in baseball games and you’re coaching and playing you have to try and keep your cool. And there were many times in the dugout when I didn’t want to keep my cool. I wanted to blow a gasket. I didn’t think they were doing some of the things we were teaching them to do. But, it’s hard to hit a baseball and you have to remember that as a coach. It’s one of the hardest tasks in sports to hit a little ball going 90 mph. It’s not easy. You have to try and remember that and to keep encouraging them and try to stay positive. Coach Tanner always taught me, make sure they feel good about themselves no matter if things are going bad. Try to keep them feeling good about themselves and luckily we saved the best for last.

Junior Catcher Grayson Greiner
On his last at bat with bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth
I was trying any way possible to get hit by pitch, a passed ball, anything I could do to try and get that guy in from third. Anything I could do to try to keep the game going. I took a first pitch fastball that I probably could have hit a little bit, but the ball snuck up on me. The guy had a little funky arm action on it.  He threw a changeup, which I knew was his best pitch and I got just about everything I had behind that one. 

On being a part of two games in one day with walkoff homeruns
It still doesn’t feel real honestly. This team never gives up. Even in the dugout, two outs nobody on, Billy (Anderson) our strength coach keeps saying we can still do this, we’ve been here before. What do you know, it happened again. 

On his emotions of the grand slam
I knew that one was way out of here; I didn’t even watch it. I was just taking in the moment. It’s not very often you get to play two games in one day and have two walk off homeruns in your home park. I just felt really proud of our team. Reed Scott comes in again in an SEC series and shuts down the opponent. He’s just been amazing in the bullpen and eating up some innings for us and keeping us in games. I think the two games he’s come in we’ve been down early and he comes in and gives us a chance. We hit home run after home run. Max [Schrock] hits another one. This team never gives up. I felt really proud today.   

On what makes this team different
We honestly never believe the game is over until we have to shake hands at the end of the game. We’re a really close group. We all cheer for each other and we all love each other so it’s like a family. You want to do well for the guys in the dugout, you don’t want to let them down. The things that have happened so far this season have been just crazy. It’s pretty special to be a part of. 

Sophomore Pitcher Jack Wynkoop
On the delay and how it affected his game
I kind of knew what was going on as soon as the game ended. It didn’t affect me at all. I left a couple pitches up in the second game and that’s what happens against good teams. They find a way to score runs and that’s just what happened.

On his start in the first game and continuation in the second game
Yeah it felt good, they were a scrappy team and I’m lucky I kept them off the board.

Freshman Shortstop Jordan Gore
On the at-bat of his homerun
I felt fine going up there. I looked for a pitch I could drive and I got it. I was just trying to square it up and hit it hard. I had a pretty good feeling that it was going out.

On his emotions as he was rounding the bases
I was thinking we just won the game so I was happy. 

Freshman Pitcher Reed Scott
On when he realized he had his stuff going
My defense played really well today so I knew that if I just threw strikes and kept hitters off balance that my defense would help get me out of situations and they did. I just knew our hitters would score runs and would get us back in the game.

On any pressure he feels when the team is down
I just always want to pitch 0-0 no matter what the score is, whether we’re up or down. I just try to let my team win the game. 

Junior Infielder Joey Pankake
On being a part of two walk-off homeruns in one day
I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s been a pretty crazy day of baseball to say the least. Grayson [Greiner] definitely got all of that last one.  That was a big swing of the bat by him.

On being a part of anything like this before
This is a special group we have. I said it earlier in the season, we don’t give up till the final out. It’s a very special group and that’s about all I have to say about that. 


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