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South Carolina Head Coach Ray Tanner Quotes

March 14, 2010

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South Carolina Head Coach Ray Tanner

Winning the series against Brown
"It was a hard fought win and we knew it would be. (Rob) Wilcox knows how to pitch. I wasn't expecting to get a lot of runs. He did not allow many and did a super job. Webb pitched well for us as well. It was anyone's game. We battled; they battled. We came up with a big hit at the end."

On Tyler Webb
Webb had a qualify start. He had a pretty nice composure and put us in a position to win.

Pitching in general
"All of our pitchers did a nice job. There were some slip-ups, but Brown only got five runs today. You would take that almost every time if your pitching staff keeps you in a position to win. Certainly not flawless pitching today though."

Outlook after 15 games
"We are 11-4 right now. We didn't win one of those two big series though. We are not at the pace I would like to be at. We have fought through some situations and adversity. We have some players who have missed or been hurt or are just not playing well. We have to continue to fight. It's hard and difficult, but other teams have hurt players and struggles and you have to get through it."

Improvements from this series
"I would like us to be more consistent offensively. If you look at our numbers, we are hitting around .300. We are playing ok. Our pitching staff has done a pretty good job."

"We aren't going to have our lineup ready for conference play. We don't know about Jackie and Haney is still not 100 percent. We have to go play. You have to find a way survive and win even when things aren't as good as you want them to be."

"I know that my team is better than we have shown. We haven't been as competitive as we should be. We are been trying hard but we have had some situations where we haven't preformed or produced. We have to grow and win and hopefully get all of our players back sooner than later."



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