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South Carolina vs Clemson Post Game Quotes

March 3, 2012

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South Carolina Head Coach Ray Tanner
Opening Statement
That was a great win for us today. I thought it was shaping up to be a game like yesterday. Dominic Leone started out and battled hard. Matt Price battled. Then Jonathan Meyer comes in and was tough for us, and Evan Beal was good on our side. We were fortunate that we pushed across a few more runs and had room there when Richie Shaffer gets to the plate. That's impressive. He's one of the better hitters I've seen in college baseball all time. It was a good win for us.

On small ball working to get the win
That would be nice. I'm not sure it will happen everyday like that. It worked out today. We have guys that can run a bit and put it on the ground. Tanner (English) is starting to figure out what kind of player he needs to be. If he puts a good bunt down, he'll make it extremely close. It was good to see Adam Matthews get a ball down and put us in a situation to get a lead. It's difficult to score a lot or runs. I know the score was 9-6 today, but if you look at this point, our score runout has been minimal.

On Evan Beal
Evan was a good recruit. He was an eighth round draft choice that made a decision to come to school. We expected him to make an impact as a freshman, but it's tough to say I expected him to do what he did today against a team like Clemson. That was impressive. He has two breaking balls. His fastball is in the upper 80's, and he throws two breaking balls. That's tough sometimes for a hitter. He had good poise out there and a good attack.

On situational hitting
We talked a little about situational hitting and trying to be the kind of player you're capable of being. It's easy to talk about but hard to do. It's still baseball at the end of the day. How many times have I asked Christian Walker to hit and run, and today I did. We have to do that. We have to try and make some things happen and hit in situations, move some runners and start some runners. I know it can backfire, but I don't think we're the type of team to sit back and hit 12 or 14 hits to win a game.

On Matt Price
He's probably not happy with his outing. He was out there for 100 pitches. He struck out six in 4 1/3 (innings). That's a good line. It was a quality outing. He got into the fifth inning. I'd like for him to maybe extend a bit into the future, but for now 100 was pretty good.

On Adam Matthews
That was big. Adam is one of those guys that he came back and is a terrific young man. He's a great work ethic guy. I might be responsible a little bit for his slow start. I encouraged him and probably put more pressure that I should. Not purposely. Maybe he tried to hard, maybe I talked to him too much. We had three or four meetings the last two weeks. My meetings were about trying to make him feel calm and feel confident. He's a guy we pull for.

On if he can relax heading into the series finale Sunday
Only slightly because I know what can happen tomorrow. They're very good at home. Certainly us having won the first two games, they'll be ready to go tomorrow. Hopefully our guys will be ready as well. You may enjoy this for a couple of hours, then you get back to it and try to figure out how we'll do with Kevin Pohle and how Colby Holmes will do for us.

South Carolina Pitcher Matt Price
On the team bouncing back immediately after going down 0-2
Once they scored and we came back and put up a two-spot, you just have to go out there and pitch like it's a nothing-nothing game. I felt great out there, and the team backed me up today.

On the two-run second inning
I felt fine going into the second inning. I just got behind him and ended up walking him. I felt good the second and third inning. I felt great the whole outing. They're good hitters. They fouled off balls and drove my pitch count up. They did a good job.

South Carolina 3B LB Dantzler
On his homerun ball
It was just a 2-2 fastball. He was trying to get in and left a little over the plate. I had a good feeling it was (a homerun). I wasn't 100 percent, but I was pretty sure.

On what Coach Tanner told him prior to the homerun
He just told me to get a pitch out over the plate and drive it; that they would probably try to come in on me. That was pretty much it.

On his bunt single
That was probably my first bunt base hit since ever. They just had a real big shift on. If they'll keep doing that, I'll just lay one down. I guess it's nice. I like to think I'm faster. Coach Tanner maybe not so much. Adam (Matthews) is real fast. He helps the team out with someone versatile like him.

On his homerun impacting the team
It probably helped. After that it was the other guys on our team came and picked us up. We scored two more that inning. Without that I don't think my homerun was nearly as important.

On changing the approach at the plate
As far as a different approach, it's not really been different. (Coach Tanner) has been telling us the same thing. I don't think it's that we bought in because we all believed it. It's just as the season goes on we're all executing better.

South Carolina Pitcher Evan Beal
On if he knew he would be in for a long outing
I certainly knew I was coming in, and if I had good command and threw strikes that I'd go back out. Coach Meyer told me keep throwing strikes and get ahead. He asked me if I wanted to go back out, and I said yes.

On confidence on the mound
As a pitcher confidence is key. First thing you need when you go out there is stuff. I threw sliders in the zone and I had my curveball. It took me a while to get going, but once I did I felt it pretty well.

When he felt settled
After the first strikeout was when I really felt that the ball was coming out of my hand the way I wanted to and I was filling the zone really well. They have good hitters and we know it, but if we fill up the zone and play our game, we know we can win.

On the rivalry
Credit the fans. The atmosphere was electric out there. You get the adrenaline pumping. Whether you're a senior or freshmen on the club, it doesn't matter. We're all contributing.

South Carolina OF Adam Matthews
On having a good game after struggling early
I'm starting to get into a rhythm. It's a good feeling to have. All four of my years here I think I started out ... I started with an 0-19 streak last year. It's finally coming together. I just continue to stay positive. This is a humbling game. You take the good with the bad and the bad with the good.

On the rivalry
It's intense. It's a great atmosphere and its great college baseball. Finally being able to get a couple of hits against those guys, they're a great team, have a bunch of great players and great pitchers.

On if the any team doubts going into the season have been erased
I wouldn't say we ever had any doubts or fears. This is a great program. We know we'll recruit great guys. The coaches do a good job of doing that. You could say we're a little younger in the field this year, but those guys have come around. They've gained some experience. This Clemson series, they get to see what it's like to play in front of a bunch of fans and experience something they might not have done before.

On having a good offensive game today
It's a great feeling. We all know I've been struggling, so anything I can do to contribute to the team is what I want to do . I take pride in my bunting ability. Getting those bunts down is key to the game and key to this team.



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