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South Carolina vs. Albany Post Game Quotes

Feb. 24, 2013

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Head coach Chad Holbrook
Opening Statement
"Our kids showed up for pregame meal at about 8 a.m. so they been at the park for 10 hours, its been a long day but a good day. Our kids played well for the most part, I was disappointed with some things in game two. It was a very clean game defensively and offensively in game one, we kind of put it all together there and played very well. I think we started game two with the right mind set and got off to a 6-0 lead and then we just had some bad at-bats from the middle of the game on there in game two. All in all a good day, obviously pleased with how Colby [Holmes] threw. Forrest [Koumas] threw alright, even though he had three walks, he kind of managed it as best he could. He had good life on his fast ball and had some velocity. [Josh] Knab got his feet wet and finished it up there for the no-hitter, that was neat to see and I thought the ball was coming out of Knab's hand pretty well. Game two we got off to a pretty good start there and I don't know if we lost our concentration but our at-bats weren't where we would like them to be. Nolan battled, gave up six hits in six innings but he kept them at bay with seven strikeouts and that helped him. [Patrick] Sullivan was great, until the last couple of hitters and made an 0-2 mistake there I believe in the ninth and then hung a slider in there for the double down the line. Really pleased with how Tyler threw, he had great stuff coming into the game and I think his velocity was around 93 mph. The way Tyler throws, if he hits 93 on the gun its like 95 to a hitter because he just can't see the ball because of the deception he has. All in all great day at the park, two wins and really neat to be part of a no-hitter and our pitchers certainly threw well."

On pitching in the first game
"We weren't thinking about who we were going to put in the game based on the fact that there were no hits on the board. We just felt like with the score the way it was we needed to get Forrest a clean inning or two. The score dictated that we get Knab's feet wet, it wasn't predetermined by any stretch of the imagination. It was a 14-1 game and we need to get those guys some work."

On being part of the no-hitter
"It was neat to be a part of that. I've been in a couple games as a coach where we were one or two outs away. This is the first time in my 19 years that I've been a part of one. That was neat, it's a great accomplishment for our pitching staff."

Chase Vergason
On his game today offensively and defensively...
"Offensively I don't think there is anything that goes into it. You just go to the park and get some good swings on the ball, and it just happened for me today. I was able to come out with a couple of hits and I put one out and got red hot and the whole team just went from there. As far as defensively I've played over there my whole life and it wasn't until I came to South Carolina that I started on the other side of the diamond. So not really any struggles, I'll be fine, just need to get the jitters out and get my feet wet."

On being part of the no-hitter...
That was really something special. We weren't saying anything in the dugout while it was happening because of the rule where you can't talk about it while it's happening. But it was in the back of everyone's mind and when it happened it was something very special to be a part of.

Colby Holmes
On being a part of the no hitter...
"I didn't really think about it while it was happening, but then they made the announcement after the game and it was a great feeling. Its great that we were part of something big like that."

Forrest Koumas
On being a part of the no hitter...
"I didn't notice until about the sixth inning, and somebody kind of made a comment hinting towards that and of course everyone told him to be quiet. But it's a really great thing to be a part of."

Josh Knab
On being part of the no-hitter...
"It was amazing. My first outing as a Gamecock and I got to be part of that, so its pretty exciting and a great way to start off my career here."



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