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South Carolina vs. Eastern Kentucky Game 2 Post Game Quotes

Feb. 22, 2014

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Head Coach Chad Holbrook

Opening Statement
We’re ecstatic to have won the game. Jack (Wynkoop), Cody (Mincey), Vince (Fiori), and Joel (Seddon), with the way they threw the ball, were the story of the game. I think that’s the best I’ve seen Jack throw since he has been here. We all knew he threw a gem at LSU last year, but today he had some pop on his fastball, had a good changeup, and threw all of his pitches where he wanted to all day. It was really great to see. The story right now for us is the way we are pitching. You have to be able to win some games like this during the year when you’re not swinging the bat that well and not playing defense the way you would like, but we found a way to win. We had a number of guys do OK, but we had that big swing of the bat by Grayson (Greiner) and our pitchers made that hold up. No doubt, the story of the last few games has been our incredible pitching staff; they have thrown the ball really well.

On the four consecutive shut-outs and 42 consecutive scoreless inning streak
I can’t remember anything like it. It is a rare feat for sure. It’s really incredible that they [our pitchers] have thrown the ball that well. When they’ve gotten runners in scoring position, they bow their necks and compete. It’s not like we have made diving plays on liners or anything behind them, they have just pitched their rear-ends off. It’s six games that we’ve pitched very, very well, but we’ve got a long way to go.

On the bullpens performance today
It was good to see them throw in a tight game. Joel (Seddon) got his first save and Joel has been throwing that way and it was really neat to see. Cody (Mincey) and Vince (Fiori) have been throwing really sharp. Vince threw one pitch and he’s been tough on lefties ever since he’s been here. We feel good about our bullpen. Like I’ve said, I don’t know if we have a bona fide All-American back there, but collectively as a group, I think it can be a special bullpen. I think that’s what you saw today and hopefully, that carries out through the year.

Sophomore left handed pitcher Jack Wynkoop

On this being one of his top performances
I guess so, in terms of striking guys out. I felt good, but I try to not focus on one performance though today was definitely a good day and everything felt good. Coach Meyers called a great game and Grayson (Greiner) did a great job along with the rest of the defense.

On his biggest improvement from last week to this week
I think it was getting ahead of batters and making pitches when I did get behind and not letting the count dictate my pitches.

Junior Catcher Grayson Greiner

On how Jack Wynkoop was so effective
I thought he threw really well and kept everything down in the zone and kept the hitters off balance. Similar to what Jordan (Montgomery) did yesterday, he made his best pitches in the most pressure packed situations with runners on third base and second base, that is when he bared down and made his best pitches. He didn’t walk anybody and used all three of his pitches that he has. He bowed his neck in the hardest situations and that is why his stat line has zero runs.

On Eastern Kentucky’s starting pitcher
I think his fastball is just a little sneakier than we thought; he was attacking us inside and getting in on our hands. Right before that inning when Kyle Martin, Connor (Bright) and myself were due up Coach Holbrook called all the hitters over and said, ‘You have two options. You can keep trying to use the other side of the field and get inside of the ball or you can get up on top of the plate and try to yank one down the line.’ I saw Connor go up there and attack and yank one down the right field line so since it worked for him I figure that I would try to do the same thing. I got up on the plate and tried to attack, I got a fastball and I got on top of it and it carried out.  I have to thank Coach Holbrook for giving us that tip. 




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