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South Carolina vs. College of Charleston Post Game Quotes
Feb. 14, 2015

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Head Coach Chad Holbrook

Opening Statement

"We feel much better today than we felt yesterday at this time. I feel like we beat a really good College of Charleston team today. I never felt comfortable even though we won 7-1 and 8-3, I always felt like the game was in the balance. It was good to see us compete at the plate a little bit better, we're still a little bit of a work in progress offensively, but I think that with time we have a chance to be a really good offensive team. We kind of got lost in the games a little bit today, both emotionally, and weren't worrying so much about ourselves, we were wrapped up around the team. When you do that you have the chance to play the way you are capable of playing. I was pleased with the way we played today, a lot of new guys got in there, and made contributions to the wins. From [Brandon] Murray, [Taylor] Widener, [Tyler] Haswell got his first crack at it, even though it really didn't go his way, but Madison Stokes had a big hit, and I love his presence. I love what Hunter Taylor did behind the plate, our catchers caught their rear ends off in both games today, and that was good to see. We'll keep getting better, we're going to come in here and practice tomorrow and keep trying to improve because we have a lot of improvement to do. Hopefully by the end of the year, we'll look back at this series and think it was a key series for us. I think College of Charleston is a heck of a team and they are going to win 40-plus games this season I'm sure, and win their league again, so maybe it'll look good on our resume. We'll move on, we'll take the series win against a great College of Charleston team, when things didn't look so good for us yesterday, and I look forward to playing again this week."

On bouncing back from loss yesterday

"Today we just competed a little bit harder. We were more locked in, and I think the team's pride was hurt the way they played yesterday, and they wanted to make up for it. The coaches were on them a little bit yesterday, and we tried to motivate them the best we could. We told them that's not how a South Carolina team plays, and not how a South Carolina team competes, and I think they responded the right way today."

On Wil Crowe's Pitching

"That was a Friday night type performance. (It) was impressive. That was the first time where he was like (you all) need to come jump on my back. He had some great performances last year, don't get me wrong, but there was a presence, an aura so to speak, about him that said I'm not going to let us lose this game today, and that was really good to see. I've always thought that Wil Crowe was a Friday night guy, that's why I recruited him, to be a Friday night guy. He'll have his fair share of chances to pitch on Friday night for sure, we're not going to make decisions while I sit up here right now, but it's not fair to judge Jack Wynkoop on one outing because I've seen him pitch extremely well too, he just didn't have great stuff yesterday, and there were tough conditions yesterday as well. We'll keep evaluating that, we've still got a lot of games to play before SEC play, but Wil was dynamite, there's no doubt about it, he was first round, Friday night good tonight, and that was neat to see."

South Carolina Pitcher Wil Crowe

"I felt like all my pitches were pretty good today. I was commanding the zone pretty well. I wanted to come out and light some fire under the guys and show them that it's a big day and a good day to play."

South Carolina First Baseman Kyle Martin

On what he learned about the team this weekend

I knew we had a strong team. It was really good to see us bounce back from yesterday and overcome some adversity. College of Charleston, they're a great team and for them to beat on us Opening Day and for us to bounce back and take two from them, that's a big day for us.

On satisfaction with team's sense of urgency following yesterday's loss

We came out swinging, we came out with fire. It was really good to see. We came out with a lot of energy in the first game and then turned it back on in the second game too.

On Alex Destino's potential

He's a great hitter and he's a big boy. If he can get the bat to the ball, the ball's going to go a long way. He's going to turn out to be pretty good and he's going to be a good powerhouse for us this year.

South Carolina Designated Hitter Alex Destino

On first moment when he felt settled in

"I would have to say probably the ball I hit out today. I guess that's when I calmed down. My first few at-bats, the first one, their first baseman made a heck of a play with that one play down the line. After that when I kind of fisted that ball to second base I kind of got down on myself but, like I was saying, I had guys like Pat Harrington getting in my face and telling me not to get down on myself and when I kind of put that one out it kind of made me go on my feet and made me feel a lot better. That kind of resulted in the hit after that up the middle."



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