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The University of South Carolina Athletics Department extends a caring and committed effort toward helping our students' intellectual, cultural, physical and social development. To support this commitment, the Department of Athletics has created an academic support program to assist student-athletes with their transition from high school to college. The primary objective of the Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Services department is to assist student-athletes in their efforts to complete their degree requirements and to develop the skills necessary to be productive members of society.

The D.A.A.E.S. program is conveniently housed in the state-of-the-art Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center. The staff of D.A.A.E.S. provides student-athletes with accurate and timely information about both University of South Carolina requirements and procedures and NCAA rules and regulations. The academic advisors within the program assist the student-athletes' pursuit of undergraduate degrees through the development and evaluation of their academic plans based on the student-athletes' individual educational and career objectives. The D.A.A.E.S. staff encourages student-athletes to take advantage of and participate in all of the educational opportunities of the University of South Carolina.

Maria Hickman
Associate AD/Academics and Student Development
(803) 777-6321
E-mail Maria
Rob Campbell
Associate Director of Academics
W. Soccer, Softball, Equestrian
(803) 576-6277
E-mail Rob
Katie Ethridge
Associate Director of Academics
M. Basketball, W. Tennis
(803) 777-0319
E-mail Katie
Pierre Banks
Academic Advisor
(803) 777-5126
E-mail Pierre
Monica Pope
Academic Advisor
(803) 777-1089
E-mail Monica
Rochelle Robinson
Academic Advisor
Swimming & Diving, M. Tennis
(803) 777-8704
E-mail Rochelle
Xavier Shannon
Academic Advisor
Track & Field, Cross Country
(803) 777-5298
E-mail Xavier
Alise Svihla
Academic Advisor
Baseball, Volleyball, M. Soccer
(803) 777-2862
E-mail Alise
Al Daniel
Coordinator of Student Development/Academic Advisor
M/W Golf
(803) 777-8065
E-mail Al
Melissa Ethridge
Learning Specialist
(803) 777-9228
E-mail Melissa
Jessica Gibson
Learning Specialist/Tutorial Coordinator
(803) 777-1424
E-mail Jessica
Andre Goodman
Director of Football Student-Athlete Development
(803) 777-8521
E-mail Andre
Bryanna Nelson
Learning Specialist/Mentor Coordinator
(803) 777-5495
E-mail Bryanna
Erica Nelson
Director of Life Skills and Community Outreach
(803) 777-9913
E-mail Erica
Rosalind Isaac
Administrative Assistant/Payroll Coordinator
(803) 777-8521
E-mail Rosalind