Consequences for Your Actions

Consequences For Your Actions is a seminar the Life Skills Department presents to all incoming student-athletes during Fall Orientation. A panel of members from the community including judges, solicitors, head coaches, attorneys, and judicial staff members answer questions and address many issues our student-athletes face. It is meant to encourage responsibility and mature behavior among our students and to teach them there are consequences for the decisions they make.

Etiquette Seminar: "Manners Matter"

The Etiquette Seminar is designed for sophomore status student-athletes in preparation for upcoming internships and job-hunting skills in their junior and senior year. We teach table manners and etiquette appropriate for interview situations. It is an interactive dinner where you learn as you are dining in a formal dinner setting.

Dress for Success

The Dress for Success Seminar is designed for junior status student-athletes in preparation for special events, awards ceremonies, interviews, and other formal occasions. Professional retailers teach a separate program for men and women, which includes demonstrations and tips on personal presentation and building a proper wardrobe.

Gamecock Networking Seminar

In the fall of each year, the Athletics Department invites South Carolina Lettermen and members of the Career Network to assist the departmental staff in training our student-athletes with the skills needed to begin their professional careers. These seminars, designed for senior status student-athletes, include topics such as interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, networking skills, dress and presentation.

You can learn more about the programs described above by visiting the below links:

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The University of South Carolina has a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), an organization made up of student-athlete representatives from each sport team within the Athletics Department. Meetings are conducted twice per month. SAAC has been active in promoting department-wide community service projects and student-athlete camaraderie. In addition, SAAC is designed to be a means for student-athletes to communicate with athletics administration about issues that affect student-athletes. Team representatives are responsible for sharing information about SAAC with their teammates. SAAC meetings are held on Tuesday nights.

Coach for College

A Global Initiative to Promote Higher Education Through Sports

The main purpose of the program is to help solve some of the challenges faced by higher education institutions in America and developing countries such as Vietnam, by encouraging youth from rural parts of these countries to fully participate in pursuing further educational opportunities and by encouraging athletes at American universities to develop and pursue passions outside of sport which enhance their academic and personal development. The second purpose of this program is to build relationships across cultures and nationalities through the positive collaborative nature of volunteer service and sports.

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