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For all other sports, please visit their respective pages on our website to find roster/biographical information, schedule information, historical information, and records/statistics. Contact the respective media relations representative above if you cannot locate what you are trying to find in regard to a particular sport.

 Media Resources
 Football Media Policies & Information

The University of South Carolina understands the importance of assisting the media in providing coverage of the institution, its athletics programs, administrators, coaches and student-athletes. To this end, the best attempt will be made to fill reasonable requests by recognized media outlets. Members of the media are encouraged to work with the University of South Carolina Athletics Media Relations staff to assist in that endeavor. It is not permissible for media members to contact any athletics department administrator, associate, coach or student-athlete directly without working through the media relations department.

Preseason Media/Photo Day
The University of South Carolina's annual Football Media Day is set for Sunday, Aug. 4. Photos are tentatively scheduled to be taken on the field beginning at 1 p.m. No interviews will be allowed on the field. Head Coach Steve Spurrier will hold a press conference beginning at approximately 1:40 p.m. in the Media Interview Room, located under the west stands at Williams-Brice Stadium. Requested players and assistant coaches will be available on the second floor of the Crews Building following Coach Spurrier's press conference.

Press Credentials
Working press credentials for the 2013 South Carolina home football games must be submitted online through Credential requests must come from the sports editors and the sports directors only. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Diana Koval in the South Carolina Media Relations Department at 803- 777-7977 or by email at Requests for season passes should be submitted no later then Aug. 12. Requests for single games should be made as far in advance as possible and no later then seven (7) days prior to game day. Once approved, all credentials must be picked up on game day at Media Will Call, located at Gate 5 on the west side of the stadium by the press elevators. Media Will Call will open three (3) hours prior to kick-off. A photo ID must be presented to receive the press credential. Parking passes will be mailed in advance through arrangements made with Diana Koval. Note: Credentials will be considered only for those media members on specific assignment for a specific media outlet that meets the criteria below.

Daily newspapers will be issued a maximum of four (4) season approved press box credentials. Websites with a national affiliation will be issued a maximum of two (2) season approved press credentials. Television stations based in the Columbia area will be issued a maximum of two (2) season approved press box credentials. Television stations based outside of the Columbia area will be issued a maximum of one (1) season approved press box credential. Radio stations will be granted one (1) season approved credential per daily radio show. In addition, one (1) credential will be distributed per station for the sports director. All other credential requests, including non-daily newspapers, magazines, out-of-market radio stations, etc. will be considered on a game-by-game, case-by-case and space available basis at the discretion of the assistant athletics director/media relations. Non-affiliated bloggers will not be redentialed. Please note: Due to the high number of applications, it is not possible to accommodate all requests. No one under 18 years of age will be issued a credential without prior approval of the assistant athletics director/media relations.

Daily newspapers and websites with national affiliations will be issued a maximum of three (3) season field passes to be used for photography. Television stations will receive a maximum of two (2) field passes. Stations based outside of the Columbia area will receive one field pass. All other credential requests, including non-daily newspapers, magazines, etc., will be considered on a game-by-game, case-by-case and space available basis. Only working photographers/videographers with cameras will be allowed on the field. Freelance photographers will not be credentialed.

Photographers/Sideline Policy
The University of South Carolina adheres to the NCAA and SEC guidelines regarding media representatives on the sidelines.

  1. Photo credentials will be issued only to accredited media outlets prior to the game and photo identification must be provided. Freelance photographers will not be issued credentials.
  2. Photographers must check in at Media Will Call on the west side of the stadium adjacent to the press elevator. Those photographers who will work on the sidelines will be issued a vest. This vest must be worn at all times to gain access to the sidelines. No other type of photo or media credential will allow an individual access to the sidelines. The vest must be returned to a member of the South Carolina media relations staff following the game.
  3. Working photographers/videographers are permitted to shoot in the designated area (between the two marked dotted lines outside the 25-yard lines). All other media representatives on the field (announcers, reporters, etc.) must stand behind the designated area. This will ensure that photographers/videographers have the appropriate space to do their work. No photographer will be allowed to shoot from either end zone.
  4. Photographers are encouraged to use the photo work room, located on the ground level of Williams-Brice Stadium. Wireless internet is avaiable. While security in this area is provided, the University of South Carolina is not responsible for the loss of any items.
  5. According to NCAA policies, the presence of any type of photographer (television or still) in the bench area for all sports is strictly prohibited. According to the NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations Manual (Rule 1, Section 2, Article 4b): "the team area shall be limited to squad members in uniform and a maximum of 40 other individuals directly involved in the game. The 40 individuals not in uniform shall wear special identification." (Rule 1, Section 2, Article 4e): "No media personnel, including journalists, radio and television personnel, or their equipment, shall be in the team area or coaching box, and no media personnel shall communicate in any way with persons in the team area or coaching box."
The Southeastern Conference also prohibits photographers (television or still) from stopping and shooting from behind the bench area or into the bench area. The bench area is defined by each institution's facility guidelines.

Internet Credential Policy
The University of South Carolina adheres to the SEC policies regarding representatives of websites. The official website of the home and visiting schools will be credentialed. Also, the official online service of the national over-the-air or cable television network that owns broadcast rights to the game will receive credentials. Other websites will not be credentialed unless they meet specifications outlined below:

  1. Must be a legal corporate entity that has been in business for at least one full calendar year and has provided coverage of South Carolina or the visiting team for at least one year.
  2. Must provide daily coverage of all athletic teams of South Carolina or the visiting team with its own staff of full-time reporters, photographers and equipment.
  3. Must travel to and cover all football away games and all major post-season events.
  4. Must provide coverage of all press conferences of all athletic teams at South Carolina or the visiting team.
No credentials will be issued to any website that is not deemed by the University of South Carolina Assistant Athletics Director/Media Relations to have adequate editorial oversight.

SEC Internet Real Time Policy
By acceptance and use of an SEC media credential, the holder agrees to the following conditions for any and all athletic events hosted by the SEC and its member institutions:

  1. The SEC and its member institutions grant a media organization a limited license to use certain gathered information on the media organization's own Internet or online site beginning at the start of an athletic event and up to the conclusion of such event, all subject to the following limitations and conditions:
    1. No more than 10 still photographs may be used for news coverage of the game and other editorial purposes. Such still photographs must be used on a time-delayed basis, that is at least five (5) minutes after the happening of the event depicted by the still photograph.
    2. It is agreed that video is NOT to be used on an Internet or online site with the following stipulations:
      1. video may be shown as part of a single, non-archived, online "simulcast" of a television station's regularly-scheduled news program.
      2. footage may be broadcast or otherwise distributed on the Internet or via any other online service or computer service, using the following limitations: a maximum of three (3) minutes from Satellite Feed Footage, Practice Footage and Event Footage.
      3. Footage may not be used, sold, traded, loaned or given away to any other entity for any sports entertainment programs, specials, home videos, commercials and promotional use or in any other manner not specifically set forth in these policies without prior expressed written permission of the Southeastern Conference or the University of South Carolina.
    3. While a game is in progress, the use of textual statistical information is time-delayed and limited in amount (e.g., updates pertaining to score, injuries and national, conference or institutional record-breaking performances, a condensed half-time story) so that an organization's Internet or online game coverage does not undercut the authorized and rights-paying fee organization's rights to play-by-play accounts of the game and/or exclusivity as to such rights.
  2. Any proposed media use on an Internet or online site of the game information that is more detailed and/or more than described above will require separate written authorization by the SEC and/or its member institutions. However, such written authorization will not permit the use of game information in entertainment contexts and will not authorize game coverage that, due to immediacy of detail, constitutes or approaches a play-by-play account of a game.
  3. Should any of these conditions be breached, the SEC and/or its member institutions will issue a written warning for the first violation. A second violation of this policy will result in revocation of credentials to cover future football games hosted by the SEC and/or its member institutions.

Press Box/Services
South Carolina features a state-of-the-art press box. This press facility has seats for 144 members of the media, along with television and radio booths, coaches' booths and public address and stadium operations/security booths. Located just above the press level is the photo deck. All members of the media covering the game are invited to a catered meal, which is served starting two hours prior to kickoff. Wireless internet is available for use. Wired outlets for photographers and videographers are also available in the back of the press box. The photo room, located on the ground level of Williams-Brice Stadium, also has wireless internet access. Any media outlet that wishes to install its own telephone should contact South Carolina Telephone Communications at (803) 777-1800. The Media Relations Department supplies quarterly play-by-plays and quickie stats, halftime statistics, final team and individual statistics and coaches and players quotes. An inside public address announcer also keeps the media informed of play-by-play, records and game notes. The Carolina press box is for the working media only. In accordance with the Football Writers Association of America, no cheering will be allowed.

Satellite Truck Parking
Limited parking is available for TV station live/satellite trucks and those vehicles will need to be approved prior to game day. Please contact Diana Koval no later than 12 noon three days prior to the game to schedule live/satellite truck parking.

Visiting Radio
The visitor's radio network must be designated by the opponent's athletic director. Booth space will be assigned by the Assistant Athletics Director/Media Relations. Any non-designated stations will be admitted on a space-available basis. The Gamecock Sports Network will be handled by IMG College. Stations requesting information regarding the network should contact: Liz McMillan, IMG College, (803) 777-8254.

Television Stations/Broadcast Networks
For information on receiving mid-week press conference videos, post-game press conference videos, and other football related footage, please contact Assistant Media Relations Director Matt Freed at or Multimedia Coordinator Cory Burkarth at Login information to the department's media FTP site will be provided. Please credit all footage to GamecocksOnline when using footage from the FTP site.

Post-Game Interviews
The press box elevator will be held at press level midway through the fourth quarter for anyone needing postgame interviews. South Carolina's postgame interviews take place in the Media Interview Room, located underneath the stands on the west side of Williams-Brice Stadium. The visitors' locker room and postgame interview room are located under the west stands at the north end. The Gamecock locker room will be closed following the game. Coach Spurrier will be available in the postgame interview room approximately 10 minutes after the game. Selected players will also be brought to the interview room following the cool-down period. Admittance to postgame interviews is by credential only. The South Carolina press conference will be televised live back to the press box.

Live Broadcasts
It is not permissible for any non-rightsholder to broadcast over the air, stream over the internet (audio or video), or transmit in any other way, any live event without the consent of the University of South Carolina Athletics Department. Live events include varsity contests, press conferences (including but not limited to weekly scheduled and postgame press conferences) and any other group media availability. Exceptions may be made for any major news-breaking event.

Archiving of Event Audio/Video
It is not permissible for any non-rightsholder to archive audio or video Event content that exceeds five (5) minutes in length. Events are defined as varsity contests, press conferences and any other group media availability. Archiving may not begin until the conclusion of the entire event. WNKT-FM (107.5) is the only radio station that can carry press conferences live and/or archived in their entirety.

Non-Rightsholder Radio Appearances
USC coaches will be limited to one appearance from one member of a sport's coaching staff per seven-day period on any radio station or any radio show that is aired as part of a state-wide, regional or national network in the Columbia market. The length of the interview should be no more than one segment, defined as "commercial-break to commercial-break." The segment shall run no longer than 10 minutes. In addition, the same member of the sport's coaching staff or South Carolina administrator cannot make appearances in consecutive seven-day periods on the same radio station. Media outlets in which the institution or the SEC is contractually affiliated is exempt from this language. Exceptions can be made in the occurrence of a major "breaking news" event. Please work through the team's media relations contact to help coordinate any request.

Student-Athlete Radio Appearances
South Carolina student-athletes may not participate in any live radio show other than during a regularly scheduled newscast and for no longer than four minutes, post-game interview times, conference media days and structured media opportunities during NCAA championships, without the consent of the South Carolina Athletics Media Relations department. This policy is in effect year-round and does not apply to institutional networks. It does apply to internet chat rooms that are sponsored by a media outlet for the sole purpose of conducting Q&A sessions with the viewing public concerning the student-athletes' athletic career.

Surveys and Questionnaires
Per SEC policy, University of South Carolina student-athletes may not participate in balloting for media-sponsored all-conference teams, honors, surveys or questionnaires.

Game Days
No University of South Carolina Athletics Department member may appear live on a non-rightsholder television or radio show on a game day for any sport in which the flagship station, WKNT (107.5 The Game) carries the broadcast live without the consent of the media relations department.

SEC Weekly Teleconference
The Southeastern Conference hosts a weekly press teleconference each Wednesday from Aug. 28 through Nov. 20. The teleconference features the head coach from each team every week. Each coach issues an opening statement followed by questions from the media for seven minutes. To participate, please contact either the SEC Media Relations office at (205) 458-3010 or the school's Media Relations department for the telephone number, which will be assigned at a later date.

11:00 a.m. ET - Les Miles, LSU
11:10 a.m. ET - Steve Spurrier, South Carolina
11:20 a.m. ET - Will Muschamp, Florida
11:30 a.m. ET - James Franklin, Vanderbilt
11:40 a.m. ET - Nick Saban, Alabama
11:50 a.m. ET - Butch Jones, Tennessee
12:00 p.m. ET - Bret Bielema, Arkansas
12:10 p.m. ET - Gary Pinkel, Missouri
12:20 p.m. ET - Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
12:30 p.m. ET - Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M
12:40 p.m. ET - Mark Stoops, Kentucky
12:50 p.m. ET - Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
1:00 p.m. ET - Mark Richt, Georgia
1:10 p.m. ET - Gus Malzahn, Auburn is the official media website for Division I football. Access and download weekly game notes, quotes, statistics, media guides, headshots, logos and more for the conference and each of its member schools. Login information will be distributed to accredited media or you can apply for a password by sending an e-mail to

Student-Athlete Media Interview Policy
All interviews are to be coordinated through the Media Relations Department. This allows the staff to arrange the interview when it best suits the student-athlete's and the reporter's schedules. Please contact the Media Relations Department in advance to make your interview requests. Media are not permitted to contact student-athletes on their own at any time. All interviews will take place at the practice fields, in the media room underneath the west stands at Williams-Brice Stadium or in the Media Relations Department office. No interviews will take place prior to practice on the practice fields. Residence hall, apartment or cell phone numbers for student-athletes will not be provided to the media. Should you need to conduct a telephone interview with a student-athlete, a call will be placed to you from the student-athlete at a mutually agreeable time.

Weekly Media Availability

Coach Spurrier holds a teleconference from his office at 2 p.m. (No in-person availability). No player availability.

No media availability.

Coach Spurrier holds a noon press conference. Selected players are available around the press conference. Defensive players/assistant coaches are available after practice. All requests must be in to Steve Fink by 11 a.m.

Gamecock offensive players/assistant coaches are available after practice. All requests must be in to Steve Fink by 11 a.m. Coach Spurrier is on the SEC conference call at 11:10 a.m. ET.

Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward is available coming off the practice field. There is no player availability. Coach Spurrier's weekly radio show is from 7-8 p.m. ET.

Head coach Steve Spurrier and defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward are available for network television only. There is no player availability.

Coach Spurrier, Coach Ward and requested players will be available in Media Interview Room following the game. The Gamecocks' locker room is closed to the media.