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Updated Parking, Shuttle Service Info for Georgia Game

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Gamecock Club members received a helpful email recently announcing some changes to timing for parking for this Saturday's football game vs. Georgia to accommodate hosting ESPN's College GameDay. Check out the information below. Please note one change from the original email in bold below about shuttle pick-up/drop-off location:

"We are excited to announce that ESPN's College GameDay will be broadcasting live from the Horseshoe this Saturday, October 6, before the Gamecocks take on the Georgia Bulldogs!

After having such a great experience on the Horseshoe during their last visit, the ESPN crew chose to return to this location to showcase our beautiful campus.

"The Horseshoe is one of the best sites we've ever had for College GameDay," said Lee Fitting, College GameDay Senior Coordinating Producer. "The picturesque collegiate backdrop creates the perfect setting for the show."

The three-hour show will be aired nationally beginning at 9 a.m.

The Fairgrounds and Farmers Market parking lots will open at 8 a.m. to accommodate fans wishing to attend. Free shuttles will run from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with drop-off and pick-up locations at Greene Street in front of the Russell House and at the northwest corner of Williams-Brice Stadium off George Rogers Blvd.

Standard game shuttle routes from the Colonial Life Arena will resume at 4 p.m. and continue 90 minutes following the game for $3 roundtrip. The standard shuttle is no charge to students with a valid student ID card (CarolinaCard). The standard game shuttle will continue to pick up and drop off at Colonial Life Arena and the main entrance of the Fairgrounds on Rosewood.

All Gamecock Club season parking passes will be honored on Saturday. The back of the Fairgrounds will not be available due to preparations for the State Fair. Approximately 400 game day parking spaces will be sold between the Fairgrounds (go to Gate 6) and Farmers Market (in the back grass area; enter off Stan Spears Rd.) on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please visit for more updates throughout the week, including policies to follow on the Horseshoe.

Go Gamecocks!"

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Is the Armory parking considered part of the "Farmers Market" parking area and will the Armory parking open at 8am also?

Where do we go if we were only going to attend the Gameday at the horseshoe? Such as parking and shuttle? I think I remember a shuttle picking up and dropping of people at the Colonial Center last Gameday.

How do we get to the 400 spots that open up at 8am?

Brittney, there are two separate Armory areas for parking, and one of them is controlled by the university. Can you confirm your earlier statement that the Armory area parking controlled by the University is not going to open until 2:00pm. There are several people who park in this area who think this area is opening at 8:00am.

Thank you.

Are the 400 spaces that open at 8am only for people attending College Gameday or can they be used for tailgating at 8am?

Will you be able to keep your parking spot the whole time after gameday is over for a tailgate spot?

Is parking at the Arena free? What time is the earliest you can park there? And how far of a walk would it be to the horseshoe from the Arena?

can you buy one of the 400 spots leave and come as you want? If unable to get one of the 400 spots can you tailgate at another location?

How much does a pass cost at the farmers market?

When you say very limited spaces in the Farmers Market....what are we talking about roughly? 20? 100? How early can we get in line at the gate? I know they open at 8 but do people seem to show up earlier?

I have a space in Premium South Parking. Is it possible to park there at 8:00AM, leave and come back at 2:00PM, in other words will my hang tag be punched at eight not allowing me to leave and come back.

Could you tell me where free parking is for College GameDay near the horseshoe?

The 400 spaces in the fairgrounds are first come first serve right? How early would you recommend getting there to try and get a spot? Also, can you tailgate in those spots?

Can anyone ride the morning shuttle from campus to the farmers market?

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