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Official Photos & Video of Gamecocks' Custom Battle Uniforms Debuting Vs. LSU

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Check out official photos and video of the new custom "Battle" gray uniforms the Gamecocks will wear this weekend vs. LSU! Video and photos produced by Gamecock Productions!

Uniform details provided by Under Armour:

•    The SC Battle Gray uniform was inspired by a battleship, taking cues from the color and incorporaing it along with the SC Garnet and custom SC camo pattern
•    The camo pattern, which is South Carolina to the core, incorporates the Palmetto Tree and Crescent moon into the design and is a nod of respect to the strong military presence in the state
•    The uniform is a fusion of military inspiration and new-school Under Armour innovation and design

Photo slideshow:

Debut Video:

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Really? Yuck! This MUST be a JOKE!

REALLY!! Why now? If ain't broke don't fix it. With what is at stake, we need luck on our side and not chance a jinx with these horrible uniforms. If you must, wear them with when we play Wofford.

Stick to the ole garnet, black nd white. OK looking uniforms but I agree to go play with our talent

We do not like the uniforms. They look too much like camo. Where's the Garnet and Black? The Gamecock emblem appears to be lost amongst the camo design.

These uniforms look terrible! Please don't wear them on national TV. Everyone will be talking about them just like all the jokes about the Notre Dame helmets last weekend.

Another thing to distract from playing the game. History of results with "new" uniforms to fanfare haven't been inspiring.

My son was all about Oregon's cool gloves the other night and now we have really cool gloves too! Totally awesome says the ten year-old boy.

I like these uniforms. But I work for the Navy and I appreciate our boys and girls being appreciated.

Go Navy!
Go Cocks!

All these new uniform gimmicks started are stupid IMO. On top of it where does this money come from? And couldn't it be better spent? Go Cocks

Not good! Have we ever won a game wearing the alternate uniforms? It sure didn't help us in the Auburn game last year. Please don't allow this. Keep it as is please - keep our Garnet and Black!
We don't need any distractions with so much at stake.

I don't like the new uniforms. Athletes can be very superstitious. I want to see the school colors. Have they gone out of style now after 100+ years of Carolina football? Sometimes "CHANGE" is bad.

I'm sure the players like it. If it's something that gives them more excitment then why the hell not? Plus they look awesome!

I like the uniforms...maybe it will give the team a little more excitement going into the game. I would be excited if I had those amazing uniforms.

Why does UA keep destroying teams uniforms. Remember Maryland's last year. Now us....We are doing great and sorry to say, but atheletes are superstitious. Keep our old tried and true uniforms and just say no to UA!

it seems most of you are missing the point here...a uniform doesn't make you win or lose, and this is honoring our military, the soldiers that allow these players to play a game they love and us fans to watch, even if it only touches one solider, i say he desires it! it amazes me how small minded people can be, selfish and just blind. Go Cocks! and THANKS TO OUR MILITARY I'm sure yal like the uniforms

Thank you coach for honoring our military. It's awesome and love how you honor the state flag too!! Real class!

Yuck! These uniforms look awful! Unless they look better in person than they do in the pictures. I agree with the concept and honoring the military heritage of our state, but pink camo? REALLY?! IMO we need to go into LSU wearing our all black uniforms, even if it is against the 'away' color scheme. We will need some of that old Black Magic this weekend!!

GO COCKS! Fight - Win - Kick A$$

You have got to be kidding! Stupid, Superficial, Gimicky.

Hey, why are you so worry about?? Who cares where the money comes from!! It is not your money! Uniforms look great!! GO GAMECOCKS!!ies

This is a bad idea. Somebody in power please stop this!!!!

Palmetto Pan in camo. I betcha LSU is going to do a doubletake.

I'm sorry - are we now a military school? My school colors were garnet and black - and that's what we've been wearing over one and a half successful seasons. This is bush.

I think they look great! Very cool.

Ok lets be real. The uniforms are tight. We are all just a little afraid and on edge because we are nervous about this weekend. If out boys come out focused and ready to play, like last week, the uniforms will not matter. Stay focused Cocks. Proud of you boys.

Please tell us that the SC Gamecocks are NOT wearing these UGLY uniforms tonight against LSU Tigers. Our school's colors are NOT gray or camo... (May I throw up now)... the Gamecocks take PRIDE in their school colors GARNET & BLACK!!! One group shouldn't decide to change something that has been a part of the school history for over 100 years and expect fans to go along with it!!! Who ever designed these uniforms should be fired! Furthermore, if you want to give a tribute to our military or to our great state... I'm sure that the everyone will be all for that... I suggest to simply sew on a patch or just place a sticker on the helmets and make an announcement!!! Wishing the GAMECOCKS a great game against LSU... Go GARNET & BLACK!!!

really? they wasted money on these uniforms, when they could've used that money for SO MANY OTHER THINGS? like...oh....i don't banks....habitat for humanity...but instead, we waste our money on uniforms for one freaking week?

It's a very sharp looking uniform! I like it.


The uniforms are great. I love to see Carolina honoring the military. I am sure there are some veterans out there who appreciate it too. Thanks to the service members for all they do so we can have freedom and sit on our couch on Saturdays and watch football! Go Gamecocks!

south carolina's new jersey are beast. i really like the jersey's ans the pant's. Also the gloves are nice.

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