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Coaches and Players Prepare to Face Tennessee Offense

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*Written by student assistant Kim Barrett

After practice Tuesday, coaches and players spoke with the media about how they are using the mistakes they made during the loss to Florida to prepare to play a tough Tennessee offense this Saturday in Columbia.

FB-12 Joe Robinson with media 10-23-12.jpegSpecial Teams Coordinator Joe Robinson discussed how, despite the loss to Florida, the team is working as hard as they do every week to prepare for the 3-4 Volunteers. "They are back and working hard, they are working like they do every week. Every week we have things we need to fix," said Robinson.

One of the problems during this past Saturday's game was fumbles and ball security. Every time a player has the ball in their hands ball security should be number one, and Coach Robinson believes that the fundamentals of ball security were not followed Saturday.

Defensive Line Coach Brad Lawing continues to encourage players to not let their emotions get in the way of their game. When asked if there was a sense of frustration towards the end of the first half against Florida, Lawing stated, "No there wasn't. These guys understand that our goal is win football games so all that other stuff is whatever."

D.J. Swearinger is moving on from the loss to Florida, and is looking forward to playing a strong Tennessee offense. Swearinger shared with the media, "I'm looking forward to it. Anytime you get great competition like that those are the games you love to play in."

To prepare for the Tennessee's strong ability to throw the ball, the defense is focusing on working together to make big plays. Sophomore cornerback Victor Hampton shared with the media, "If anything we are trying to be collective and come together this week and make big plays for the defense, and get some turnovers."

Secondary coach Grady Brown was quick to admit that Tennessee's receivers are probably some of the best in college football, but believes it will be a good task for the Gamecocks to play them.

When asked how the defense is preparing to defend the Tennessee receivers who can make "freakish plays," Coach Brown stated, "The good thing about this game is that our preparations remain the same. The same things apply, you have to be able to line up properly and recognize formations."

After two tough losses on the road the Gamecocks are ready to play in front of a sold out crowd at Williams-Brice. Senior spur DeVonte Holloman knows that the team has to be ready for any situation, stating, "Football is a weird game. Anything can change momentum so you just have to play as hard as you can."

Check out more videos of coaches' and player's post-practice interviews here and check back to tonight for interviews following Wednesday's practice.

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