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Q&A with New Sideline Reporter Langston Moore

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MooreL_act2.jpgLast week the Gamecock IMG Sports Network announced that former Carolina defensive lineman Langston Moore would be joining the crew as the new sideline reporter for football. We caught up with him at Wednesday night's football scrimmage to talk about his new role with his beloved Gamecocks.

BL: How excited are you to be coming back to Carolina?

Langston Moore: I'm extremely honored to be here, especially because there was a great pool of people who applied who were just as deserving. Just to be back on the sidelines and be a part of what they're doing is great.

What are some of your favorite memories from your time at Carolina?

Beating Clemson here, winning the Georgia games - stuff that now is more commonplace, but back then we were still building up speed, momentum. Now it's so good to see what the program has progressed to.

What does it mean to you as a former player to now see the success?

It was all worth it. They guys have done well academically, they're putting guys in the league, guys are doing stuff outside of football - graduating and doing good things in the business world that don't always get as much attention. It's just so good to see guys doing that and of course we're putting a good product on the field and we win. The stadium is full, the new video board - it's just tons of excitement.

Have you had a chance to see some of the new facilities since your time here, like the new athletic training room, the players lounge, and the Dodie?

Every time I come in [Director of Equipment Chris] Matlock always shows me around the new stuff. It's funny how you remember things one way then you come in and it's completely different, like when your mom changed up your room when you went off to college [laughing]. But we have to compete in the SEC and these are the things we need to do that. We have to be first class across the board and these are the steps.

You played in the NFL for awhile after college, but what else have you been up to since you graduated?

From being drafted in 2003 through 2008 I played in the NFL, then the year after that I played in the UFL. I've been doing a lot of community service working with The Frye Foundation, [head track & field coach Curtis] Coach Frye's organization that fights diabetes and obesity. I've always been close with them; they were like my second family here at Carolina. I've done a lot of charity work with Coach Roberts [former Carolina assistant coach Dave Roberts] who does a lot of good work in the Upstate and out in Arizona I've been doing a lot of work with veterans. I also do a lot with real estate, but it seems the volunteer work keeps me more busy than anything else. It's always good to be around a lot of young people and serve.

So have you been living in South Carolina or you looking forward to being back?

I've actually been living in Chandler, Arizona, on the east side of Tempe. It's good to finally get back here. I always wondered what people were doing and out here you go to the Wal-Mart and you'll see Ryan Brewer or some of the other guys I know. It's good to have that familiarity and see a lot of faces I know. And of course it's nice to have people recognize me as well. Out there in Arizona people just see me as this young guy walking around in the middle of the day with no job [laughing]. So it's good to be back home and of course it's a great time to be at Carolina with all the winning and all the great stuff going on. 

What part of being the new sideline reporter are you most looking forward to?

Just for all the great things these guys have in front of them and just being a cog in that. To be a witness and hear the fans' side, the players' side, being the fly on the wall in the middle of all that, to see everything and report it. I don't even call it work...It's just great to be out here. The facilities change but the smells don't change, the feelings don't change. You still get that chill when you're coming down Assembly Street to get here. It's just a special thing to be around and serve in this capacity even though it's a small role, it's very humbling to be a part of it, it's really good.

Be sure to tune in to the Gamecock IMG Sports Network radio broadcasts of South Carolina football to hear more from Langston Moore in his new role!

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