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LB Dantzler Talks Reptar and "Fear the Fish" on Inside the Roost

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Written by student assistant Rebecca Duensing and Brittany Lane

On Monday night's "Inside the Roost" radio show third baseman LB Dantzler came on the air to talk about Carolina Baseball's newest phenomenon and catch phrase, "Fear the Fish." 

Most Carolina fans remember the "Avatar Spirit Stick" that the team considered their good luck charm during the 2010 National Championship run. This year's team has found a spirit stick of its own, but he comes in a bit of a smaller package.

Thumbnail image for Reptar1.jpgMany of you have heard the story by now - With his betta fish Reptar's normal babysitter (neighbor Kayla Gasbarro) out of town, Dantzler brought him along on the road trip to Auburn and the team's bats came alive delivering a series sweep. The team quickly saw the fish as their rallying point and a #FeartheFish Twitter hashtag spread. Dantzler said he didn't think Reptar was going to make it on the bus because he was in a "Tupperware container and was splashing everywhere." He was able to keep Reptar in the hotel room until Sunday when he had to make the decision of whether to leave him on the bus or bring him out to the field, and where on the field - the rowdy bullpen or the intense dugout.

"I figured I'd leave him with the bullpen guys and let them take care of him, and they did a good job," said Dantzler. "It was safer with them [in the bullpen] messing around than in the heat of the game [in the dugout.]"

The Gamecocks delivered an 11-7 victory, including a solo home run by Dantzler, and Reptar emerged unscathed, save for one close call during pre-game batting practice.

"Adam Westmoreland set him down and about 30 seconds later, a home run ball landed less than a foot from him," Dantzler shared. "That was a little scary."

With the Gamecocks heading to this weekend's series at Arkansas via plane instead of bus, Dantzler was once again faced with figuring out how to transport Reptar safely. Director of Baseball Operations Kyle Lipsey was able to get Reptar cleared to fly, but Dantzler remained wary of their newest mascot's air travel durability, settling on a regular container and just keeping a watchful eye during the ride. We think he'll be fine because, as Gasbarro put it, he's "a pretty tough little guy." In fact, his toughness was even part of the origin of his name.

Rugrats Reptar book cover.jpg"What's a tougher animal than a dinosaur?" joked Gasbarro. "But he's such a little guy so it had to be a littler dinosaur and [Rugrats character] Reptar came to mind."

Gasbarro was a classmate in the fall semester who turned out to be Dantzler's neighbor. Dantzler said they became friends and it was the first season she came to some baseball games. She's earned the nickname "Fish Lady" after taking care of the aquatic mascot. Gasbarro said she has been surprised by the publicity but is glad that with the school year coming to an end, she will still be here for the summer to continue helping watch over Reptar.

The Gamecocks are on TV twice this weekend for the series at Arkansas - Friday at 8 p.m. on ESPNU and Saturday at 1 p.m. on ESPN2. Sunday's game at 2:05 p.m. is not televised.

Be sure to catch the final "Inside the Roost" show of the season next Monday, May 7, from 7 - 8 p.m. on 107.5 The Game!

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