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Partnership with Quantz Photo Producing New Style of Images

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Gamecock fans have probably noticed a new style of images coming out of the Athletics Department lately in our posters, billboards and more.

The images are the result of a new partnership with a lifelong Gamecock fan, James Quantz Jr., who runs James Quantz Jr. Photography in West Columbia. His photography and editing work done for the Gamecocks have become several team posters (including women's tennis, baseball and the new 2012 football poster), digital billboards (such as our Michael Roth Opening Day countdown, welcoming Frank Martin and football season tickets), and even cover photos for fans' Facebook Timelines.


The stylized photos are the result of painstaking composition and masterful work with Photoshop and other photo editing software. Quantz takes several different photos to form a "plate", which basically serves as the background for the final image. He then adds in players or anything else that will be the focus of the image and adds finishing touches. For example, he will shoot a stadium at different times of day, get in-game photos that include fans, hold photo shoots with players in both still and action poses, and more. He then takes parts and pieces of all those shoots and adds them to the plate he's created to produce a final image. For example, the fans in the background of this Michael Roth photo (above) are actually from photos Quantz took at Williams-Brice during the Clemson game that he placed into this image. With the 2012 football poster, the stadium was shot separately and each person featured had an individual photo shoot with special lighting (like Connor Shaw's, pictured below), then all the pieces were put together, color alterations added (such as the Garnet sky) and more finishing details to produce the final image.


When you combine the photography itself, selecting certain files to use, the editing effects and composition, producing just one image can require several days' worth of work. However, Quantz has also adapted to the flexible and dynamic nature of college athletics. On the day Frank Martin was hired, we not only had a photo of Coach Martin as a Gamecock, we had a cool custom image for digital billboards around town, for a welcome page on, and for fans to post and share in social media. Quantz worked on a very quick turnaround shooting Colonial Life Arena and Coach Martin separately that Tuesday morning, then pulled the elements together for the final image that was shared throughout Gamecock Country.

Thumbnail image for frankmartin2.jpg

For Quantz, the process is a labor of love beyond just a job, especially when working with his beloved Gamecocks. Growing up in Columbia, his parents had season tickets to South Carolina Football and he said he has been going to games for longer than he can remember. He started dabbling in photography when he was injured during high school football, taking some sideline photos that ended up being used in the school yearbook and the newspaper. While he went to college and started a "regular job" his photography was just a hobby, something fun to do on the side. He shot a lot of landscapes which he said led into shooting fine art landscapes for golf clubs like Augusta National. After awhile he decided to make a career out of photography and shifted into the commercial realm and now, digital. While he has done work for other sports teams, being able to do work with South Carolina has been an added bonus.

"I'm invested in it as a fan," Quantz explained. "I feel like if I think it's the coolest thing I've ever seen, I want the fans to enjoy it as much as I do."

Thumbnail image for SCAR FB Poster - 2012.jpgAs a Columbia native and fan, who better to answer the question of "what will fans like?" than Quantz? He seems to have succeeded as the 2012 football poster featuring his photography has earned rave reviews so far with over 1500 likes on our South Carolina Gamecocks Facebook page and over 120 excited comments on the image.

"I hope it helps with the programs being able to show this stuff for recruiting, marketing and everything else just to give it a different splash," said Quantz. "I want other schools to look at it and say, wow, we need to step it up."

Let us know in the comments what you think and stay tuned for more great stuff from Quantz and the Gamecocks!

The 2012 football poster will be available for the first time at this Saturday's Garnet & Black Spring Game. Fans may get up to five posters each while supplies last from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. in front of the Gameday store on the north end zone side of Williams-Brice Stadium.

Check out more of Quantz's work on his website and you can also follow him on Twitter at @quantzphoto.

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