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Fear the Fish

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For South Carolina Baseball in 2010 it was a spirit stick. In 2012? A fish.

As many Gamecock fans learned from Gamecock Radio Network's Andy Demetra during this weekend's broadcast and David Cloninger's article yesterday, in a sport rife with superstitions the Gamecocks have found a new "mascot" of sorts to serve as a team rallying point.

Junior third baseman LB Dantzler's pet betta fish, Reptar, was uncharacteristically along for the ride to Auburn this past weekend which saw the Gamecocks find new offensive life and sweep the series. A new motto and Twitter hashtag, "#FeartheFish", were quickly born.

Check out photos of Reptar himself shared by LB:

Reptar cozy at home in his usual bowl.


Dantzler found a small plastic bowl as Reptar's original travel container.


Dantzler revealed Reptar's new luxury travel accommodations on Monday.

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Gotta Love them Gamecocks !!!

It's about time Beta fish got some respect! How could we purchase a "#fear the fish" T-shirt?

way to go gamecocks, you were awesome thursday and friday with arkansas, we are looking forward to sunday taking arizona for a ride. we are so proud of you all.

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