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Gamecock Melvin Ingram's Athleticism Analyzed on ESPN's Sport Science

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The legend of Melvin Ingram's freakish athleticism continues to grow, but it's not just anecdotes anymore. ESPN's Sport Science team decided to put him to the test putting him through agility drills, a cutting drill, and more.

Check out a couple notes from the data they collected:

- Ingram can cut and change direction in 0.3 seconds, on par with data they collected from NFL running back LaGarrette Blount.

- Coming out of his spin move, in just three steps he accelerates to almost 18 miles per hour. At 264 lbs. he's capable of generating hits of more than 2,500 lbs. of force.

- His 34.5" vertical jump outshines the NBA average of 28".


Watch the full video below including clips of Melvin's standing back flip, throwing the football 20 yards right on target, dunking a basketball in pads and more:

Click here to check out Melvin Ingram highlights.

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