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Gamecock Fans Rave About Frank Martin

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With the official announcement Tuesday morning that Frank Martin would be the new head coach for South Carolina Men's Basketball, fans took to social media to share their excitement. Check out some of the comments:

South Carolina Gamecocks
Over on the official South Carolina Gamecocks Facebook page,

Bob Horner: "Welcome to Columbia. Watched the press conference and he is impressive"

Katie Guenther: "Spurrier, Tanner, Staley and now Frank Martin. Good luck finding a better group of coaches at any institution in the US."

Joel Umanzor Jr.: "Frank Martin is the type of disciplined coach the Gamecocks need."

Garret Suggs: "Nice tie, Coach! Looking forward to your success as a Gamecock. Welcome to the family!"

Larry King: "Welcome Frank Martin!!! GO GAMECOCKS!!!!"

Kimberly Hallums: "Welcome to the USC family, Coach Martin"

On Twitter "Frank Martin" was a trending topic almost all day as everyone buzzed about the hire. Gamecock fans used the #FrankMartinSC hashtag on Twitter to join the conversation. Here is a sampling, but check out all the tweets here, there was a lot of excitement!

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As a KSU grad and HUGE Frank Martin supporter, congratulations, South Carolina basketball fans. Martin is a first class guy and fantastic coach. Your players will believe, his passion is contagious, and your fans will indeed fall in love with him.

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