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Gamecocks' Katie Rose Higgins Ready to Cheer for Dad and The Citadel

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Katie Rose Higgins.jpegWhen the Gamecocks take the field at Williams-Brice on Saturday, there is at least one Carolina student who won't be quite as sure as the rest of the student body who she's cheering for.

Katie Rose Higgins, a sophomore on the South Carolina Women's Golf team, will be cheering for the opponent, but don't worry, Gamecocks, she'll have good reason. Her father, Kevin Higgins, is the head football coach at The Citadel.

"I'm excited because I've been thinking about it all year," said Katie Rose. "But I think I'll decide on Saturday when I'm out there how it will be."

The Higgins household is very sports-centric. Katie Rose's older brother, Tim, was also very involved in sports and played football at Florida. Their mother, Kay Higgins, was an athlete too and coached college basketball. Being the daughter of a football coach, Katie Rose has been immersed in the game her entire life, even wanting to do a little extra coaching herself at times.

"I got in trouble one time because he used to come home from games and I would just quiz him on everything about the game," said Katie Rose, laughing. "Finally he said, 'I just need some cool down time,' and my mom had to calm me down about it. It's just part of my life. I just want to know what's going on. I like watching practices, trying to figure out the scheme of things."

Having family members involved in college athletics has also helped Katie Rose get used to life as a student-athlete. Her father was able to help her through freshman year and assure her that she would adjust.

"It's been great because he always understands the competitive atmosphere and bouncing back after losses and how to handle wins. I've learned so much from him and he's always been there to be a good support and he just has so much knowledge. He just knows so much more than other parents [about athletics]; it's been good for me mentally."

The Gamecocks will take on Coach Higgins's Bulldogs at noon on Saturday. A limited number of tickets are still available via

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