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Gamecocks' Favorite Halloween Costumes, Candy & More!

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Happy Halloween, Gamecock Nation!

Leading up to the spooky day we asked several Gamecock student-athletes about favorite childhood Halloween costumes, fun trick-or-treating memories, favorite candy and more. Power Rangers, football players, and the Scream mask were all popular among this bunch. Check it out!

Bradlee Baladez - Men's Soccer, Sophomore
"My favorite costume was when I was probably about eight I was the red Power Ranger...Another year I was Spiderman for Halloween and I had a silly string web. When my friend opened the door for trick-or-treating I sprayed him in the face with it. It was pretty funny."

Power Rangers.jpg

Terrence Campbell - Football, Senior

"I always dressed up as an athlete, I always loved football so I would always want to dress up as a football player... It was fun being in Atlanta and going to Fright Fest at Six Flags with my friends. We'd play pranks sometimes on other schools in high school or egg folks, but just being kids and having fun."

Michael Flach - Swimming, Junior
"Best costume I ever had was one time I dressed up as a really old man. I had the mask and everything. It scared my little sister. She was really little and it scared her every time I wore it so I had a lot of fun with that. I was about 10 and she was about six... I always liked just going to all the houses getting candy then going back again to get the good candy a second time."

Stephon Gilmore - Football, Junior
 "Most of the time I was a football player. One time I was Michael Vick, Jerome Bettis, Deion Sanders, a lot of different football players."

Markeshia Grant - Women's Basketball, Senior
"My favorite costume was definitely being a cheerleader."

DeVonte Holloman - Football, Junior
 "I was either the red or white Power Ranger for about five years in a row."

Alshon Jeffery - Football, Junior
"I loved the Scream costume with the blood running out of it."
"In the neighborhood where we used to go trick-or-treating there was a man who played the chainsaw man. So when kids would go through the neighborhood he'd crank up a blower instead of a real chainsaw and chase everyone. It was funny but scary."

T.J. Johnson - Football, RS Junior
"My favorite costume was being Chipper Jones or some kind of football player."

Angelica-Rugrats.jpgJohnna Letchworth - Equestrian, Sophomore
"My favorite costume was being Angelica from the Rugrats."
"When I was 10 there was one house we trick or treated at that had this rock in front of the house that's 17 feet tall.  It's huge.  A kid jumped off the top of it in a costume and chased me and my friends around.  You couldn't see his face.  It was the scariest night of my life."

Kelcy Quarles - Football, Freshman
"My favorite costume was the "Scream" mask, but what was so good about it was that it had the plastic covering on it and it had food coloring that looked like blood and you could squeeze it and blood would come out on the mask. I loved it; I still have it."
"I was outside one time, it was me, my brother, and his friends and with them being older than me they were trying to joke me around. So I went to the closet and got [the mask], told my daddy what I was about to do, and we set them up. They were walking towards the woods and I climbed up in a tree and they looked up and they just looked at me in the mask and they all took off running."

Scream mask.jpg

And.... The winner for favorite Halloween candy???

Drum roll please....

Reese's peanut butter cups!

Halloween candy.jpg

Skittles and Snickers came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in our super-scientific poll.

Enjoy and be safe trick-or-treating tonight and send in any photos of a Gamecock-themed costume, jack-o-lantern or decoration to to be included in our Halloween Facebook album!

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