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Baseball Letterwinners Share Favorite Carolina Memories at Alumni Weekend

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128 former Gamecock Baseball players and coaches were in Columbia recently for the team's Alumni Weekend. They're all incredibly proud to be a part of the program. Check out five former Gamecocks favorite memories from their time playing for Coach Tanner and South Carolina Baseball:

Adam Crisp.jpegAdam Crisp (2006-08)

"I always remember the road trips. That's when the fellowship came in with the guys, the hotel rooms, and when we went to other people's stadiums. It was just a good experience my five years here, I had that one extra year, just being with the guys. It's not so much baseball that you miss, it's being with the guys that you played with."

Adam Everette - Alumni Game.jpegAdam Everett (1997-98)

"I think more than anything it was just getting the program going, and whenever Coach Tanner was - I'm looking for the right word here so I don't get in trouble - a little more rambunctious, when he got after it more he got into us a little more. We had so many memories. It could've been the rat that ran across mine and Ryan Bordenick's room when we were in Arkansas my junior year, or the same trip when Adam [Poe] got yelled at in the locker room."

Chris Plummer - 2001.jpgChris Plummer (2000-01)

"Just the guys we were around, they're my best friends. We still keep in touch and that's rare, but we're really close. Winning the SEC championship in 2000 was awesome, we came up a little short of Omaha, but look at this place now; I wouldn't change it for the world."

Landon Powell - 2004.jpgLandon Powell (2001-04)

"First year going to World Series in 2002 and breaking that hump. Coach Tanner had been coaching 17-18 years at that point and hadn't been to the world series, so to see him get to go for the first time, knowing him since I was a kid, that was special for me, to be a part of that team when he got to go for the first time. The SEC championship in '02 was really special, the comeback against Miami we rallied all the way in the 8th inning and ended up winning."

Blake Taylor - 2002.jpgBlake Taylor (2001-02)

"For me personally, I enjoyed getting the university back to the College World Series. I think it had been 17 years. We got the chance to come from behind and defeat Miami who was the defending national champion. I think that was probably one of the most exciting games at Sarge Frye field. And getting a chance to pitch a complete game against North Carolina and playing in the College World Series."

What are your favorite memories of these guys?

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