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Indoor Football Practice Facility, Video Board Advance in Approval Process

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The first step of the approval process for an indoor football practice facility at the Farmer's Market is complete, as the Building and Grounds Committee of the University's Board of Trustees gave Phase I approval to the project last week. The next step in the approval process is for the project to go before the full University of South Carolina Board of Trustees in early October. If it is approved by the board, in early November the project will then go before three individual state boards: the Commission on Higher Education, the Joint Bond Review Committee, and the Budget and Control Board for final Phase I approval. Phase I approval is initial approval for the project to be researched further (e.g. hiring an architect to develop plans). After Phase I, should approval be granted, the university would move forward with selecting an architect, who will develop a plan and verify the initial estimate before the project is ready to go back through the same sequence for Phase 2 of the approval process.

The new video board for Williams-Brice Stadium is also currently in the approval process. It was approved by the Budget and Control Board on September 20th, and will go back to the Building and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees on October 7th.

Early planning indicates that the proposed indoor practice facility would be 86,000 square feet and located in the southwest corner of the Farmers Market lot. The facility would feature a full-size football field made of field turf with approximately 20 feet of additional turf all the way around for safety purposes.

FB indoor practice facility sketch.jpg
FB indoor practice facility sketch2.jpg
FB indoor practice facility sketch3.jpg

Please keep in mind that these images are initial sketches only and are subject to change.

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