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Dawn Staley-S.Africa.jpgWomen's Basketball head coach Dawn Staley recently took a few overseas trips promoting the WNBA and basketball as a sport. Staley is one of the most decorated women's basketball players ever including being a three-time Olympic gold medalist, two-time USA Basketball Female Athlete of the Year, five-time WNBA All-Star, and a member of the WNBA All-Decade Team. She did a Q&A with about her experiences overseas (pictured at left with NBA Vice President: Development - Africa - Amadou Fall). Check out the excerpts below and read the full article here. I understand you recently paid a visit to South Africa. What was going on down there?

Dawn Staley: I went down to promote a partnership with one of the teams in one of the cities there. They partnered with the NBA to do programs for coaches and training, just from an infancy stage. I think that it's an incredible program. We wanted to go over and help. And the best way to help was to teach the teachers how to teach. Everybody gets a lot out of it when you teach them how to teach adults and kids how to play the game. What better impression to leave than to give somebody some knowledge?

... Now as the WNBA enters its 15th season, you have to think about to longevity of it, but also the foundation that was built over time. What you're talking about sounds very similar to how players joined the WNBA without that much exposure to the women's game. Now you have players in the league who grew up with the league. Do you see foresee that exposure eventually happening not only in South Africa but other parts of the world?

DS: I absolutely do. I went over to England as well to promote the WNBA game against Great Britain, and it was very similar to that. I actually spoke to a lot more people about that and about basketball and I basically told them that I was happy they were hosting the Olympics because it gives so much more exposure for not only basketball, but all sports. I was promoting basketball and promoting the game, so I told them that just like us in America when I was growing up, there wasn't a carrot dangling in front of me saying that I would be able to play professional basketball here in the States. Now that there is, there is 15 years that the WNBA has been in existence, there are so many people who have been touched by it that I think our game has grown from an exposure standpoint and also from a talent standpoint. Little girls can see their dreams being realized because they are being exposed to it.


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way to go Staley! at least somebody sees the potential of women in basketball sport.

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