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With Degree in Hand, Travian Robertson Focusing on Football

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After completing shooting for his feature role in an "It's Great To Be A Gamecock" video, I talked with Travian Robertson about all the work he's putting in during the offseason to get ready for this fall. (Did you miss the first video featuring Alshon Jeffery? Click here.)

Robertson during filming

He has another year of eligibility remaining, but Robertson was among 67 student-athletes who graduated this spring.  After graduation he took about a week off to spend time with family before returning to campus to continue working out. He completed a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice this spring and will continue classes in the fall.

"I'm still thinking about [what classes I'll take]," said Robertson. "Either grad school classes or I'll declare another major in sociology and finish that up if I can. It would be good to start grad school but I also always wanted to do sociology as well so I'm going to think about it and make a decision in the next few weeks, then go from there."

With his degree in hand, Robertson will use the summer offseason to focus on football and working out. He will work out with the strength and conditioning staff four days a week and he also plans to watch film on his own on days off from working out to prepare for the season. Although he's focusing on football, he's still going to take advantage of available classes.

 "I'm taking one class each summer session, so it's not too bad," explained Robertson. "I'm taking Pilates. I'm graduated so I'm not going to stress myself over the summer. I'm focusing on football, getting healthy, and working out."

During the summer, student-athletes are allowed to work out with the strength and conditioning staff, but coaches are not allowed to run practices or be present at workouts. It's up to the team members themselves to continue to do work over the summer.

"The past few years a lot of guys have been dedicated," said Robertson. "We'll just send a text out saying, we're doing this at this time if y'all want to come. The past few years if class didn't conflict, a lot of guys show up."

As a senior on the team some of that leadership role naturally falls to Robertson. When he came in as a freshman he had older players to guide him and set an example and now it is his turn to be that role model. Robertson feels that the push he got from older players helped him come into the fall more prepared and even though he wasn't a starter yet, he felt game-ready.

"It's important that we do this," Robertson said emphatically. "Everybody can't be a starter but you got to play a role somehow so it's important that everybody do the offseason work. As a leader I guess if they see 'well he did it, he came to these workouts, I'm going to do it and maybe it'll work for me.' That's the kind of role I'm trying to play - lead by example and show them it really helps. By the time they get with the coaches in the fall it will be a lot easier for them to coach you the more you know."

So what can fans expect to see from one of the anchors of our defensive line next year?

"I'm going to step up and be a great leader. Obviously I'm going to work on my game more, continue to work hard to try to be a better player than I was last year."

Tune in Wednesday at NOON on our Facebook page for the next video in our "It's Great To Be A Gamecock" series featuring Travian Robertson.


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