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New Football Video Series to Debut on Facebook Wednesday at Noon

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At noon on Wednesday, May 18th, be sure to tune into our South Carolina Gamecocks Facebook page. We'll be releasing the first video from our new series, "It's Great To Be A Gamecock", on Facebook first. The series will feature multiple Gamecock football players this offseason and continue with new releases each Wednesday at noon. Looking forward to hearing what y'all think!

As far as who will be in the first video debuting tomorrow, I'll just give you a hint... who better to be first than No.1?

- Brittany

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Awesome! One of the best short trailers I have seen, Awesome! I am happy that USC is finally doing something like this and using the media in a way to excite fans and create more pride in the alumni and fans. USC has allot of talent to draw from, i.e. career courses in Public Relations, Media and Journalism. My hope is that we, alumni, fans and the public, will see more of these types of trailers throughout the year to promote all USC academics and sports. By the way our USC commercials played during televised broadcasts of our different sports events are not very good. Please see if you can improve them dramatically with some Pizzazz.

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