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Perfect 4.0 GPAs recognized at halftime

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This past fall, 52 of our student-athletes posted a perfect 4.0 GPA for their classes. We recognized many of them for their accomplishment on the court during halftime of last week's Men's Basketball game.


Here is the full list of student-athletes who had all A's last semester. Keep up the great work, Gamecocks!

Richard Royal

Alison Ceresani
Paige Dekko
Maggie Fortune
Ansley Hedgepeth
Mary Kraybill
Melody Malbin
Kimberly McCormack

Addison Williams
Dalton Wilson

Men's Soccer
Stephen Anderson
David Benson
Chris Duzan

Men's Swimming & Diving
James Crawford
Dan Jackson
Garrett Snipes

Men's Tennis
Jake Bowling

Men's Track & Field
Corey Benson
Robert Razick
Frederick Suhrstedt

Women's Golf
Corinne Carr
Katie Higgins
Samantha Swinehart

Sam Arbaugh
Julie Sarratt

Women's Soccer
Kelsey Barr
Gabby Gilbert
Blakely Mattern
Elizabeth Sinclair

Women's Swimming & Diving
Maryn Bieganski
Courtney Callahan
Cassandra Cregar
Jordan Gibbs
Alyssa Hand
Chay Malvasio
Lindsey Olson
Claire Shannon
Megan Sparks

Women's Tennis
Katerina Popova

Women's Track & Field
Laura Beggs
Ashley Evens
Erin Fedewa
Chelsea Leroux
Tara Lindeman
Kayla Parker
Ellen Quigg
Stacee Roberts
Tara Tae

Jordan Bradosky
Lindsey Craft
Cara Howley
Olivia Ryder

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Congrats Dalton!

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