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TV information for tonight's game vs. Florida

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Tonight's Men's Basketball game vs. #17/19 Florida will air on the SEC Network and at 8:00 PM.

The SEC Network is not one specific channel but rather a collection of affiliates around the Southeast. The local affiliate for Columbia is WIS and the complete list of affiliates can be found here . For most weekday games on the SEC Network, including tonight's game, WIS will move the South Carolina game to its digital channel 10.2 (Time Warner Cable channel 121) in order to not preempt primetime NBC programming. Affiliates in other areas use similar digital alternate channels so check the list linked above for your specific area.

For tonight's game, Gamecock fans have the following options:
-    Time Warner customers - Channel 121
-    DirecTV/Dish - Not available (May be available for DirecTV ESPN Full Court subscribers on Channel 723)
-    AT&T Uverse - May be available. Check your listings, in the past Channel 86 has been used as an alternate.
- - an online network located at, offered for free dependent upon your internet provider

You can also tune in to the Gamecock Radio Network or to listen to the game.

Do you see the game available in your area? Help out your fellow Gamecocks and post the channel and location in the comments!

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For those of you with U-verse, it does offer if you can't find it on TV. This is how I end up watching a lot of SEC Network games. If you have good downstream speed, buy the appropriate cables needed to connect your computer to your television and it works well.

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