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Life Skills program hosts Fall Sports Etiquette Dinner

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This week the Academics/Life Skills department hosted an Etiquette Dinner for all sophomore student-athletes playing fall sports. Sophomores playing spring sports participated in the same event last September as part of the Life Skills program's commitment to personal and career development for our student-athletes.

"The goal of the Etiquette Dinner is to prepare student-athletes for internships and job hunting by emphasizing table manners and other etiquette appropriate for interviewing situations in an interactive, formal dinner setting," said Erica Nelson, who helped coordinate the event for the Life Skills department. In addition to a presentation by expert Rick Gant, the event featured an interactive component where selected student-athletes participated in real-life scenarios where their fellow student-athletes in the audience commented on their dining behavior (correct or incorrect).

From my observer standpoint, the student-athletes seemed to enjoy the lesson, as well as keeping score on their peers. Tips included things such as your drink always being on your right, always pass items to your right, not to put your elbows or napkin on the table, how to hold utensils correctly, etc. I must admit I got a couple good reminders myself. I asked a few students what they thought and what they learned after the event:

"It was really beneficial because when I do end up meeting with a future boss or employer I think if it's between someone else and me, I'll have the upper hand because I'll know the right things. You never know what might be someone's pet peeve." - Christina Glover, Volleyball

"It was beneficial, something new. I didn't know a lot of this stuff. I never knew which fork, spoon, or knife to use, I just picked one up." - Matt Coffee, Football

"It was a good reminder of where everything should go. At my parents' house when we set the table at home I never set it right so it's nice to know for hosting parties, not just ones you go to but hosting yourself. It sets a good example." - Emma Borowicz, Track

 "I didn't know I should stand up when a woman gets to the table or leaves." - Aldrick Fordham, Football (We'll be watching you, Aldrick. Ha!)

- Brittany Lane

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