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The right shade of Garnet

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I'm guessing all of your closets look a lot like mine... full of Gamecock gear. But when you pull out different items of apparel you might see several different shades of "Garnet". In past years, with different teams' gear being manufactured by a variety of apparel companies, it has been difficult to maintain our exact shade of Garnet established by the university. We're fortunate to now be working with Under Armour for all of our teams to achieve a consistent color, a challenge faced by many other universities as well.
I've seen discussion on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites the past couple days with concerns about the new Men's Basketball uniforms appearing very "red" on TV vs. Michigan State. The color used for those uniforms is the same as the baseball uniforms the past few years. However, it's important to note that this color is not going to be our standard color moving forward now that the color development process is complete.
The athletics department and Under Armour worked closely together throughout the color development process. We have pinpointed a shade that best matches our Garnet that will be consistently used for all of our uniforms starting next fall. It is a custom-made color by Under Armour for South Carolina. The appearance of some items may still differ occasionally depending on the material or fabric on which it's printed or manufactured, but the new custom color is a big step forward in establishing consistency for Gamecock gear.
For more background information on the new Under Armour basketball uniforms, check out this past Spurs Up Blog post, "Inside the Design: Basketball debuts new Under Armour uniforms"

Brittany Lane, Spurs Up Blog

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