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Need help on game day?

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There's a lot of logistics work that goes into amassing a crowd of over 80,000 people into one small area in just a matter of hours, all the while keeping everyone safe and ensuring everyone has a good experience. After every football game, the operations staff evaluates all aspects of the event including security, guest services issues, stadium issues, etc. to continue to try to improve fans' game day experience, resolve issues quickly and hopefully prevent some issues from occurring in the first place.
I spoke with Shawn Burke, our Assistant A.D. for Event Management, who shared with me that this past week's game vs. Tennessee saw the lowest number of stadium issues, fan behavior issues, complaints, and calls to the command center and guest services so far this season, which was encouraging to hear from a fan perspective. Before joining the team here with Gamecock Athletics I was a season ticket holder myself and you can't underestimate how much the fan behavior around you and the stadium environment play into the overall enjoyment of the game experience.
If you need help during the game you can report stadium issues, unruly behavior, or any other requests for help by texting: "USC", what the issue is, and your location to 69050 (your standard SMS rates will apply.)  Assistance is available two hours before kickoff and one hour after the game. You can also ask for assistance from any of the event staff you see wearing yellow jackets stationed throughout the stadium.
While the event and operations staffs work diligently to prevent and solve problems, it's also up to us as fans to demonstrate and encourage positive behavior and be mindful of people around us, to help keep Gamecock football games a fun experience for everyone.  I know that sounds corny, but for real, who wants to be "that guy" that ruins the fun for someone else or gives Gamecock fans a bad rep?

More game day and stadium information such as an updated list of prohibited items, a Fan Code of Conduct, first aid locations, parking, etc. can be found here:

Looking forward to a great game on the field against Arkansas and a great game experience in Williams-Brice Stadium! See y'all tomorrow!

- Brittany Lane, Spurs Up Blog

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Where will the Gamecock fans be in Gainesville next Saturday?

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