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"Inside the Chart" with Andy Demetra 11/24

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Interesting numbers related to second half effectiveness from Gamecock Radio's Andy Demetra today. Read more on "Inside the Chart".

"When South Carolina and Clemson meet, records are generally rendered meaningless. Still, a few season-long trends may offer a clue of how Saturday's game will play out. The Gamecocks' ability to fight fatigue and execute could be one of them.

As I crunched the numbers Tuesday, I found that 2nd half time of possession has been a stunning barometer of South Carolina's success this season.

Take a look at the Gamecocks' 2nd-half time of possession in their three losses:
Opponent    Opp Tm of Possession    USC Tm of Possession   Difference
Auburn        19:33    10:27    9:06
Kentucky    18:40    11:20    7:20
Arkansas    20:12    9:48    10:24

South Carolina's average 2nd half time of possession in losses: 10:32, a nearly two-to-one edge for the opposition.

Compare that to the Gamecocks' eight wins, when that number jumps to 16:38.

The more a defense has to absorb long, grueling drives, the harder it becomes to prevent points. Clearly, that has made a difference in the Gamecocks' wins and losses. If South Carolina wants to author a win at Memorial Stadium, it'll need to force three-and-outs and create turnovers in the 2nd half. Any blown assignments, lapses in communication, or less-than-textbook tackles, brought on by fatigue, could start the Gamecocks on a downward slide."

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