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Gamecock 360: Samone Kennedy

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The team adopted the theme "We Rise" this season. What does that mean to you?
Throughout the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of this team, everything we've experienced since day one, we rise above all the negativity and overcome obstacles that people thought we couldn't.

How much does having a good home crowed affect the team?
I think a good crowd boosts the intensity and the energy of the team.  We definitely love to hear them cheering us on.  It makes us work a lot harder and helps us work as a team to win games.

What's the best part of game day for you?
Coming in and doing pregame warm up. It's a regular routine, but it gets me in the spirit of game day, that we're about to play.  I feel good, and I'm comfortable about the team I'm with and the performance we're going to put on once we step on the court.

Has being a senior changed your approach to the season?
Definitely. Throughout the years we haven't made it to the tournament, and that's a big team goal and a personal goal.  I want to make a postseason tournament.  I feel like I'm a vocal leader on this team, so I try to get everyone involved.  I try to push us past that limit that we're comfortable with.

Who on the team has a shot or a move that makes you stop and stare?
La'Keisha [Sutton].  When she gets to the hole it's just amazing.  You have no idea how that shot went in.  You can't even try to imitate her move because she doesn't even know what she's going to do before she goes up.  It's unreal.

Why did you choose to come to South Carolina?
It's a home environment. The people are nice. The city is a nice city to be in. The weather is nice.  As far as my education, I felt that this was a one of the best places for me to get a degree and meet people.

What has been your favorite team community service project?
One of my favorite ones was going to the homeless shelter.  Just getting to know people and knowing where they came from and their intentions, it's a touching feeling.  You just want to do all you can to help people.  It's a great feeling.

What is the best thing about one or more of your roommates?
My roommates are Charenee [Stephens] , Courtney [Newton], and Ashley [Bruner].  I think the best thing is that Charenee is a very funny person.  Ashley, we're always into it, but it's funny.  I like being around them, we do a lot of things together.  Courtney's favorite restaurant is Monterrey's, so she's always trying to get us to go there, even when we don't want to.  We tell her no so much that we have to tell her yes sometimes.  They're just fun to be around.  

Who is the first person you want to tell good news to?
My Brother.  If I'm excited about something, he's genuinely just as excited about it as I am.  It's like reliving that moment all over again when I tell him.

Do you write anything on your basketball shoes for game day?
No.  I wake up and try to do the same routine as I did the last game day.  I try to keep it simple and keep my mind clear.

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