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Horseshoe History - Quick Facts

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Broadcasting ESPN College GameDay from the Horseshoe gives us the opportunity to showcase one of the most beautiful and historic areas on our campus and in Columbia. With such a large production, a lot of care and precautions are being taken to protect the Horseshoe, such as laying down plywood to protect the bricks.

Here are a few interesting tidbits about the Horseshoe and what makes it so special to the university. Now, go impress your friends (and ESPN!)

  • - Ten buildings on the Horseshoe are listed in the National Register for Historic Places.
  • - Rutledge College, built in 1805, was the first building on the campus. For its first four years, it housed the entire South Carolina College - classrooms, library, faculty and student housing, chapel, laboratories, etc. Rutledge weathered fire, an earthquake, and the Civil War, after which it became the site of both federal and state offices. Similar fates faced other Horseshoe buildings.
  • - The South Caroliniana Library (built in 1840) was the first free-standing college library in the country, predating those of Harvard (1841), Yale (1846), and Princeton (1873).
  • - Zeta Tau Alpha sorority donated the current wrought-iron gates of the Horseshoe in 1982.

View of the Horseshoe circa 1850

Maxcy Monument, in honor of Jonathan Maxcy, the first president of the institution. The GameDay stage will be set up at an angle in the Horseshoe, not far from the Monument.

Information courtesy of USCMap: Buildings as History
and Photos

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Pope John Paul II spoke from a platform outside the President's House.
He said, "It is good to be young. It is good to be young and a student. It is good to be young and a student at the University of South Carolina."
The date was Sept. 11, 1987.

I saw the Pope! I was a young student at the University of South Carolina!

Also, Hootie and the Blowfish filmed MTV unplugged on the Horseshoe!

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