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Fans Give Their Thoughts on the Gamecocks

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SpursUp caught up with several fans who attended Tuesday's first practice at the Bluff Road Proving Grounds and asked them their thoughts on the Gamecocks for the 2010 season:

Really, really excited about the season. I've been coming out for the practices for 29 years or so. I am very optimistic about the season this year. We have a lot of returners on offense and defense, but still concerned that we need help on the offensive line. I am really excited about this season, and feel that we will go 9-3.

-        Allan Thompson

I think we are going to have a pretty good season. We expect to go 9-3, but think we can go 10-2. We always try to come to practice once or twice a year. Really think we have a lot of good players this season. Really excited to see what Marcus Lattimore is going to look like. We were both really loved that Coach Spurrier was at the College World Series cheering on the team. When Whit Merrifield got the game winning hit, the TV cameras showed Coach smiling and celebrating. We really loved that.

-        Tom Gaherty and Russell King

I have been coming out to practices for at least the last seven years or so, going back to the Coach Holtz days. I am really excited to get to see all the defense and what they are doing. I really want to see if Marcus Lattimore looks to be ready for the season. I am very excited about the season, but I am always excited at the start of a season. I want 9 wins this season, and hoping for anything over 6.

-        Randy Dinkins

I have been coming out to practice for the last couple of years, trying to make a practice here and there. I am excited to see what progress that Stephen Garcia has made, and want to get a look at Marcus Lattimore. I think this season we will win between 9 and 10 games. We got to get that offensive line right though. Coach Elliott seems to be really fiery out there, so hopefully he can get those guys turned around.

-        Josh Hughes

I came out today to see how the offensive line looks. It really looks like all of those guys are in shape. The whole team looks to really be in shape.  I am really surprised how Byron Jerideau holds his weight well. I have been watching the defensive line in their drills. Cliff (Matthews) and Travian (Robertson) are like coaches out there with the way were motivating the other guys. Also Ace Sanders looks to be really, really fast. I have been coming out to practices for as long as I can remember. I am really excited about the season, but I am trying to temper my expectations. I really think the season hinges on what Coach Elliott can get out of the offensive line. The Georgia game is key this year. I really think that 9-3 is do-able if things fall into place.

-        Stacy Gross

I am super excited about the season. I primarily came out tonight to look at Marcus Lattimore, and see how he looks out there. I want to see if Garcia is looking sharp, and is progressing from last season. I really want to see who is starting on the offensive line and what the rotation is for those guys. I also want to see how Coach Elliott is interacting with his guys too. I was looking at the schedule today, going back and forth through it. I really think we are going to win the SEC East. I believe we are going to start the season 5-0 with wins over Alabama and Auburn. I do think we are going to have a hiccup somewhere during the season against a Kentucky or Vanderbilt, but I believe we will win the east with a 10-2 or 11-1 record. You can go ahead and mark that down. I am feeling lucky!

-        Jeston McMoore

I have really been watching the defensive line. Cliff Matthews just looks like a NFL guy right now. I have really been watching all the back ups, and seeing how they look out there. I really like the way Connor Shaw looked, and Andrew Clifford. (Stephen) Garcia took a little while to get in a rhythm, but I am not worried about him. I am really looking forward to having a good season. The Georgia game is going to be really telling early on in the season. It is a tough schedule, but I believe they can handle it. 9-3 is my prediction for the season.

-        George Hemingway

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