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The Gamecocks Athletic staff received an e-mail message from Athletics Director Eric Hyman today that Spurs Up will pass along...

We have received some outstanding news. The Budget and Control Board has given us approval to borrow the $19 million needed for the Coaches Support Building. By the summer of 2012 we will have a new home for most of our coaches, support staff and athletics administration! This is another step toward fulfilling our Master Plan, and is another piece to the puzzle in providing the resources and facilities that will allow us to compete for championships and be a nationally prominent program. I look forward to the synergy we'll enjoy by being housed under one roof.


Derek Gruner from JHS will be the architect for the Coaches Support Building. Derek did a fabulous job designing the Dodie, and we look forward to seeing his talents at work again on this project. It will be spectacular!


Athletics Coaches Support Building: Description

The new Athletics Coaches Support Building sits on the corner of Heyward Street and South Marion Street next to the newly completed Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center - "The Dodie."  These two buildings together form the gateway into the University of South Carolina's Athletics Village.  A central courtyard with a grove of trees, pedestrian walkways and wrought-iron fences sets the stage for the village leading visitors down to various sports venues.


The Athletics Coaches Support Building is a three story, 66,000 square foot facility that consolidates several existing athletics facilities into a single home for the Athletics Department, replacing the existing "Roundhouse" and annex.  Visitors will enter the building through several main entrances along the Athletics Village Courtyard into a two story lobby space displaying the heritage of Athletics at the University of South Carolina.  This space acts as the central gathering space for the building and has direct access to the Gamecock Club which will be located on the first floor. 


The main lobby is a beautifully appointed space with illustrative graphics and multi-media displays creating a unique experience for Gamecock fans.  This lobby space leads to a central elevator lobby taking visitors up to the second and third floors.  The second floor of the building is dedicated to the coaches for various sports including Equestrian, Men's and Women's Golf, Men's and Women's Soccer, Softball, Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving, Men's and Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Track and Field, and Cheerleading.  Each sport occupies an office suite designed around a central open area displaying graphics and memorabilia.  Each suite is anchored at the ends by a multimedia conference room used to conduct team meetings or watch and analyze video.


As visitors come to the third floor of the building they are greeted by a spectacular view of the Athletics Village in the "Gamecock Gallery" and the adjacent 1,350 square foot outdoor deck.  From here "The Dodie", Stone Stadium, Williams-Brice Stadium, Beckham Field, the new Tennis facility, and other sports venues are viewed.  The third floor of the Athletics Coaches Support Building houses the offices of the Athletics Director as well as various other Athletics Administration departments.  This floor is also designed around office suites, but on this level each suite has a large open space with clerestory glass allowing for a larger volume of space and more natural light.


3 stories
66,000 sq. ft. of interior space
Forms gateway to Athletics Village with "The Dodie"

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